Let’s encourage one another…..

Good morning, dear readers.

I pray that as you continue to read on, that God would encourage and inspire you. That He would penetrate your heart and provide for your daily bread this very day. That whatever you face this day,…. whatever…., that you know with all certainty that He is with you.
That our God is the same, the same yesterday as today. The same God that freed the captive slaves and brought them into the Promised Land! The same God that was born of a virgin; walked on water; gave sight to a blind man; hung on a tree—blameless but willing for you and me. That is our God! He has not changed; there are no circumstances too big for Him!
I need Him to provide for my daily bread this very day and this is my prayer for all of us.
Let’s encourage one another. We have been sharing about God’s giftings. How God provides us all with the gifts; the provisions from His grace to serve one another. Below I have listed some ways my family and I have recently been blessed by the giftings of our God through the hands and feet of His people.
I would love to hear from you. Please share with me some ways in which you have been blessed or have blessed others by God’s giftings. Let’s encourage one another. “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony….” (Revelation 12:11)
Thank you Lord!
• Our furnace broke down many times last winter. At least 5 service people told us we needed a new furnace. The estimate was $5000. The last service person spent over an hour cleaning and fixing. By the time he was finished our furnace was completely fixed without expense!
• We received a phone call out of the blue and bags of clothes were given to our daughters- just their size; just their style!
• It was a day and a night both of us were absolutely discouraged; so wondering what would actually happen. I was standing there serving in church and someone came up to me and handed me an envelope. Inside was a gift of money given to us anonymously. The giver did not want to be identified.
• It seemed that every sermon and praise and worship song was aimed for us.

To God be all the glory!!



  1. Yes, we all need to encourage one another. I will be celebrating my 36th Anniversary today. We both came from childhood hardships. Through the Grace of God, I believe he brought us together to learn a valuable lesson on how to be there for one another. Throughout the struggles, I learned to be patient, to talk with love instead of anger, to walk in that person’s shoes before giving up and to just give it all to God. i prayed and ask to help me understand. Now I try to pass this way of thinking to my son. Live each day as tomorrow may not be there. Forgive and learn that everyday we need to learn. Most of all, I learned to ask the Holy Spirit to be my intervention and to guide my heart.
    Encouragement brings peace.


    • Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations on your Anniversary!! What a testimony to the kind of love that is of our God!! Bless you!


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