{Parenting} Jesus, hold me up!

By: Mandy Hill

Don’t panic or fear. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you. (Isaiah 41:8-10)

As you are reading this my three year old daughter, Sophia will be undergoing a major surgery to repair an underdevelopment between her bladder and kidneys. It is an operation that’s duration is an expected five hours. I am obviously writing this post prior to this operation; my husband and I will be waiting and praying during these hours.


This week has been one full of emotions! When I take my eyes off of Jesus even for just a moment, I am completely overwhelmed with fear and panic. There have been times that it’s been so overwhelming in fact that my palms sweat, my heart rate quickens, I feel sick to my stomach and I begin to feel lightheaded; as if i’ll pass out if I do not sit down.

Some pretty wise words were spoken to me today that brought an amazingly sweet peace to my soul. The enemy of course will use whatever he can to distract me so I WILL take my eyes off of Jesus. However, everything he will attempt to do will fail because Jesus has already won the victory. He goes before my daughter and the doctors that will work on her to bring the anatomy of her tiny body up to where it should be. He goes before myself and my husband. He goes before our little boys that will be back home being cared for by a friend. He goes before our families that live literally thousands of kilometres away from us.

He goes before us.

Jesus is stirring up hope that will conquer the enemy’s every attempt to stir up fear. Jesus is outweighing every one of my weaknesses with His strength. He is with us; holding us up with a firm grip.

I do not need to be overcome with fear because I serve a victorious God! Are you succumbing to fear? Don’t allow the enemy to distract you from keeping your eyes on the true giver-of-peace! Don’t camp out in your weaknesses or areas of fear, let our God fill you up with strength like only He can.


Right now, in this very moment I am holding tightly to the promise that: I do not need to panic or fear. He is with me. There’s no need to fear for He is my God. He will give me strength. He will help me. He will hold me steady, he’ll keep a firm grip on me.

Heavenly Father, thank You for going before us, beside us, behind us and all around us. Thank You that we do not need to fear because You are with us. I pray for Your sweet peace to envelop my daughter as she endures this operation on Friday. Please guide the doctors hands as well as everyone that will play a role in her recovery. I pray that her pain will be minimal and that her spirits will remain bright. As her Mommy, I pray for strength to be her support and a safe haven in which she may share her burdens. I pray that through this she will grow a deeper dependence on You- a certainty that You are the great physician healing her and making her whole. Thank You in advance for the comfort and peace that You will bring to us all in the days that are before us. Thank You, Jesus! In your name, Amen!!!



  1. My favourite verse in the bible is what I am clinging to for our little Sopie, it’s Psalm 125: 2,3 – as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so The Lord surrounds his people. Surround us Lord! I kin he has surrounded Sophie so that nothing but his love and healing power can touch her – thank you God for Sophie!! I love you little princess!! Papa xoxoxo


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