{Faith} A Miraculous Happening

by Cindy Morrone

“We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. “ (2 Peter 1:16)

Its stories like I am about to tell, that you could question the reliability. If you didn’t know the person well and weren’t sure if they had a propensity to tell the truth, you may question the realness of the event. Perhaps you know the person well and know they tell the truth but you may not believe the happening or the perceived take on the happening. It may be about coincidence but certainly not about divinity.

Our most favourite vacation spot is the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We started to vacation there while living in Virginia. It is a serene place, a slight strip of land, floating in the Atlantic Ocean. The wind is constantly in motion and the salty air sticks to you and doesn’t leave easily. It is not a place of the ‘to dos’ but beckons the ‘not to dos’. This story takes place in this tranquil setting, several years ago.

We had a wonderful vacation, yet once again, and it was our last night to stay. Trying to prepare for the journey home, we saddled up in the van and headed into the nearest village on the hunt for necessities. We toured the significant light house one last time and as we drove through their National Forest, my husband, with his keen eyes, spotted a deer. Well, you must know that to this family, all because of my husband’s passion, spotting a deer is like finding a treasure!! After this sighting, we drove to the nearest gas station. My husband pre-paid, put his wallet on top the van, filled up the van and drove away. Pleased with our preparedness we drove back to our rented beach home (approximately a 20 minute drive). He went to go and pick up pizza for our last supper and realized…..he didn’t have his wallet!

Here we were in a foreign country, 16 hours away from home, with dependent children, in a place with an unknown address; postal code or phone numbers to aid. We panicked!! My husband raced back to the village and the gas station. I frantically looked for numbers to cancel his credit cards. My husband returned without his wallet and we placed calls to the credit card companies and made a police report. We left the next day, my husband without any piece of i.d., driver’s license, and us without our last bit of trip money.

The lingering pit of insecurity plagued our long, journey home. We made it home without a glitch but that didn’t stop the constant reminders of our loss and how much it would take to redeem what was gone. We toiled and only thought of devastation. We only worried and were wrought with anxiety. We only questioned and doubted and not once did we believe that our God had this. How could He?

On arriving home our answering machine was blinking away. Listening to the voice messages we couldn’t believe our ears! First a call came from the credit card company saying that a gentleman had called and reported the lost card. The second call was from the gentleman himself saying that he found the wallet in the middle of the road. He listed the forms of i.d. without one missing and offered to mail the wallet to our home. These calls were placed no more than ½ hour after the wallet was lost! We had no idea.

My husband talked on the phone with him for several minutes, greatly expressing his gratitude. The gentleman asked if there was any money in the wallet and my husband replied that there was. The gentleman then shared that he had actually found others with the wallet initially and that they must have taken the money. He further explained that one of the finders was in desperate need of money and shared a wretched story. My husband provided our address and we waited for the lost wallet.

It came in the mail, not too long after. Yes, all was intact except for the money. Guess what the gentleman’s initials are…… J.C!!! First name beginning with a J and last name actually being Christ!!

blog jc 002

As we continue to seek the manger this Christmas season, like the Wise Men, let’s reflect on past miraculous events in our lives. Let’s continue to believe God’s miracles and expect them in our everyday!

Dear Heavenly and Gracious Father,

Jesus, help us to not overlook Your help. The everyday miracles that take place. Help to open our eyes, ears and heart to Your responses to our pleas and cries for aid. Help us to believe in Your miracles! In Jesus’ name with pray. Amen!



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