{Marriage} Is he your Prince?

By: Mandy Hill

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31


I came across this photo several months ago and clicked ‘save’! Missing my family I was scrolling through some old pictures on my iPad and came across it again tonight.

As I was re-reading it I began to ask myself if I honoured my marriage in these very important ways…..

Isn’t it so important for us to honour of husbands!? I find so many women complain about not being treated like a princess by their husbands…..but I wonder if those very same women ever considered treating their husband like a Prince?

Instead of always wishing your husband would treat you better and putting all kinds of energy into complaining about him…why not try to totally bless him? Instead, put your energy into treating him like a Prince! Go out of your way to make him feel special.

After all, the bible gives us that golden rule to treat others exactly how we want to be treated….and to love others as we love ourselves. I think it’s time we shift our focus from our own desires and what we can receive from our hubby’s….to how much we can give to him, instead.

Father, thank you so much for my husband. I pray that I will always honor the beautiful union that you have created between us. Help me to keep my marriage a priority and to treat it differently. Help me to shield it and protect it. Help me to never abuse it, make it common, or ordinary. I pray for my sisters as well- Jesus, please help them to see the importance of loving on their men. Help us wives not to become so consumed with wanting and desiring special treatment from them …that we forget to honor them; the princes that you’ve created them to be. Bless our marriages I pray, Amen.



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