{Guest post} Future, here we come! Get ready!

by: Margie Aud

This morning as I was having some “me time” with my coffee, I began thinking about my life. (I know, a heavy topic for so early in the day!) What came to me was the chorus we used to sing, literally, in the last century, “Rejoice evermore, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”. Other verses are, “Pray without ceasing, In everything give thanks,” basically going down through the passage in 1 Thessalonians 5.

I began to think of the times that I went through difficult experiences.

I remembered the morning my husband came home with the crushing news that my dad had suffered a massive stroke and was not expected to live. You have to understand, I was the baby of the family, and most definitely, Daddy’s girl. When I got the news, I put aside the baby clothes and other laundry I was folding, and began to cry, quite naturally. And then, very
quickly and totally unplanned, I stood, raised my hands, gave Dad into God’s hands and released him to God’s will and timing. Right then, I had a peace settle over me that enabled me to arrange for my children, as we were going home, about a five hour drive from where we were living. On our way there, my husband and I began to talk about the Lord and sing. Nothing had changed, we did not know what we would face when we arrived home, but the God of Peace was so very present with us, that we were able to worship and trust Him as we travelled. If you know me, you will know that I am anything but brave and strong, but that day, I realized that, “His strength is perfect when our strength is gone”. I have to tell you, the Lord raised Dad from that sentence of death to live many more productive years with
absolutely no consequences from the stroke. PTL!

Fast forward many years. Children are now grown and we are facing a totally new phase of life, the empty nest syndrome (not all bad, girls!) and most taxing of all, thinking about retirement and the “how” of all of that!

When I was younger, I used to think that by the time we reached this time of our life, everything would be easy. Well, it was not to be so for us, at least for a time. My husband and I suffered some very serious financial consequences because some friends that we trusted and had planned with over a year, pulled out of our arrangements at the last moment, even after all
the planning and preparation we had undertaken. This was to have been our retirement funds, not easily replaced. After that occurred, I have to tell you that for awhile we schemed to “make this work”, did all the prudent things we should have, etc. etc., but to no avail. The day came when we knew this was not going to happen. We felt stung for awhile, but we made two conscious choices: 1) to trust God and, 2) to not allow ourselves to become bitter. Again, the circumstances had not changed: brand new “retirement” house to pay for, no income, and no prospects. But again, once we set our minds on the Lord, the most amazing Peace, Joy, and
Presence was ours! We had an amazing year, one that I wouldn’t trade! We realized that our adult children, and many others were watching our lives through this time. It became such a motivation to let Jesus shine through us. That became Priority One! Things did not change, but we allowed God to change us. Philippians 4 became real to us.

In all my thinking back, (coffee is cold now!) I am really excited to see what the future holds. I know one thing for sure, the God who has kept us so far, is the same God who will be with us in that future.

Future, here we come – get ready!

About Margie:


Margie, along with her husband Michael have invested their lives in Pastoring. Venues have varied from the smallest fishing village, to Canada’s largest city. Three children, and seven grandchildren later, they are back in Nova Scotia, still pastoring, and leading people. Along with being a pastor’s wife and being active in the music programme of their various churches, Margie has worked outside of her home and knows the challenges that women face as they juggle all the various demands placed upon them on a daily basis. She views her biggest accomplishment to be that all her three children, Joyce, Phil and Stephen are serving the Lord.


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  1. I loved reading this post–and not just because Margie “Mom”. I can attest to the fact that this is not only true, but also not uncommon. I grew up hearing my parents and their friends praying upstairs while all the kids played downstairs. Some of these times of prayer came in very difficult situations which I could only really grasp later on in life. As an adult now myself, I am beginning to realize how my parents formed in me (some of the time at least) a life of trust and faith in the Lord. I am truly challenged by their example and by the way they lived their lives when no one was watching. Some of these things you only begin to realize as you have your own children. So grateful.


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