{Guest post} ….Beet red!

Written by: Pauline Peters

During fall harvest this year, I bought some beets. I wasn’t sure how my boys, 10 and 7 years old, and my 4 year old daughter would like them. (My husband and I love them just lightly fried in a little olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper.) Delish!! Thankfully, everyone loved them!! That makes one more veggie that the little people in my house will eat. It also provides Daddy and Mommy with another side dish that is both healthy and yummy, and well liked by those in the household-a little less meal time stress!

I started to prepare the beets. They are so rich in color (and full of anti-oxidants)!! I decided to peel them before I cooked them. Some people will steam the beets with the skin on and then peel it off once they are cooked. I peeled them. I noticed that the deep rich color of the beets very quickly penetrated my skin, leaving my hands and fingers a deep red/purple. Once I had finished peeling the beets, I tried to rid my hands of the vibrant, deep red. I used soap and scrubbed until I could scrub no more. That beet juice would not come off!! I had to resolve that there was nothing that I could do to rid my hands of the beet juice stains. So, for a least a couple of days, my hands and fingers were red and I had to offer an explanation to all who inquired as to where the staining had come from.

While washing in the kitchen sink that fall day, I recall hearing the still small voice of our Almighty Father, as I was trying to rid my hands of the beet stain. “…Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool” ( Isaiah 1:18 NIV) My sin, whether by commission or omission, was like that beet juice. There was nothing that I could do to remove it. My sin, like the beet juice that permeated my skin and penetrates the deep recesses of my heart causes me to be stained and unsightly, if not to anyone else, then indeed to myself. With the beet staining, I gave up hope of removing it and realized that it would have to wear off with time. My sin, however, I am reminded, is removed daily by the precious blood of Jesus that removes “every stain.” It is only removed, however, when we allow God to remove it.

As a wife, (I might add to the most amazing and awesome husband), and mother (I might add to the brightest and cutest kids), I often feel stained and unsightly-my sometimes short and curt replies to my precious family, lack of patience, lack of praise, and the list goes on, makes me feel like all hope is lost for me. HOWEVER, the gentle whisper of my Father reminds me that I am not stained. I am not unsightly. I am made white, made precious, and made pure by the power of the blood of Jesus to bleach out and blot out my sin. I am reminded that it is a daily cleansing-not a once a week, once a month bath or shower of spiritual exposure. It is through a daily dying to myself, and lifting Jesus high in my life that hope is gained. There is nothing that I can do, in and of myself, or with physical strength that I could save myself. ONLY by Jesus’ blood, am I able to be made clean and be what He wants me to be. A sinner saved by grace.


Respectively, submitted by Pauline Peters-daughter of the Most High, wife to MCP, Mom to C, M, T.


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