{Marriage} Baby, it’s cold outside

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by Cindy Morrone

It’s usually about this time of year, when I start to notice the cold temperatures and snow. Excited for it at the beginning of winter and enjoying seemingly endless runs down the toboggan hill, it’s about now that I no longer look forward to bundling up. The winter here this year, in Southwestern Ontario, has been a ‘good’ one with significant snow falls and temperature drops. I now dream of faraway places with balmy temperatures, hammocks and long, romantic dinners with my hubbie, after days spent on the beach.

In pursuit of my dream, I wonder how I can bring some warmer temperatures to my marriage. With the ‘love’ month just around the corner, I thought why wait?

I started to reflect on my attentiveness to our marriage lately. How have I done? Have I given him my time and attention or am I so distracted with everything else, that he is put aside? Have I truly listened to his heart and allowed him to share; providing support? Have I brought my beloved to the throne of grace before our heavenly Father? Have I whispered sweetness into his heart and loved him as God intended?

It need not be roses and an expensive dinner but I can pray about and consider my husband’s love languages and be intentional about speaking his dialect.

Time taken just for him and encouraging words are a few things that speak my love to my husband. Simple things like sitting and having a coffee together; answering the phone like I haven’t heard from him forever; (no matter what is going on around me) and when he comes home at night trying to carve out time just for us, works.

Pouring over him with words that build him up and avoiding words that tear him down also adds to his love tank. And I am meaning something more than, “Thanks for picking up your socks.” Something like, “My lover is radiant and ruddy, outstanding amoung ten thousand.” (Song of Songs 5:10) “His arms are rods of gold set with chrysolite. His body is like polished ivory decorated with sapphires.” (Song of Songs 5:14) Now that’s good love talk! That would work!!

So let’s get started now sisters, in showing our husbands how much we love them! Pray and think on ways to show him his worth to you! And remember, “Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?” (Ecclesiastes 4:11) and maybe spring will come all the more quickly, if not just in our homes!

Dear Heavenly and Gracious Father,
Thank you so much for the gift of marriage. Spark a desire in us God, to love on our husbands. To step up the antic and truly show them how much they mean to us in our words and in our actions. To not always be the expecting and receiving one but be committed to meeting his desires. In this way Lord, let our marriages show how the love of Jesus transcends our own ability. In Your Son’s holy and precious name, we pray. Amen.



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