{Marriage} It’s the little things.

By: Mandy Hill

We love each other because he loved us first. (1 John 4:19)


I’ve been outrageously tired lately as baby number four grows and develops within. I’m sure having three incredibly active cutie pie’s only adds to my fatigue as well, but the bottom line is: I spend the majority of my day completely and utterly exhausted!!

My extra sleepiness has recently bullied me into turning a blind eye to a sink full of dishes…..and not only baskets full of dirty laundry screaming to be cleaned; but empty drawers, closets and shelves beckoning a replenishment. I have neglected my love to entertain in our home because I just don’t have the energy reserves to ‘keep house!’

This ‘turning a blind eye’ is so not me.

Have I mentioned I am unattractively anal about order?! My mind isn’t really at peace unless my sink is shiny before I call it a night. I enjoy structure and routine and …..cleanliness!! So, for me to choose an earlier bedtime over cleaning up…..you know I’m tired. This portion of my personality makes my rather ‘un-orderly’ husband a little perturbed.

My husband gave me a gift this past weekend! No, he didn’t bring me flowers, or buy me a car! He didn’t surprise me with diamonds or buy me that scarf I’ve been eyeing up for months…..he gave me something so much simpler. A gift from his heart.


Do you remember when I mentioned how my husband and I differ when it comes to measuring the level of importance of a clean and orderly house? On Sunday night, after bathing the kids and settling them into bed, the very last thing I wanted to do was tackle our neglected kitchen. My hubby however, offered to help me conquer the mess and uncover my shiny sink. We worked side-by-side cleaning and bringing order back to the kitchen….watching him work, I was struck by what a gift he was giving me. He could have cared less about the mess! But, he chose to bless me by helping me, knowing just how important is was for me.

Sometime it’s the little things that show the biggest love!


How can you show your spouse that you love them today, something that may not necessarily bring you excitement, but will totally bless their socks off?

Thank You, God, for love. Thank You, for Your precious example of how to love so sacrificially! I am so humbled by the magnitude of Your love and grace. Please keep us ever so mindful of You, and this example, when we love on our spouses. Please guide us and give us wisdom with every act of love we dare to show from this day forward. In Jesus name, amen.


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