Written by: Michelle Slauenwhite

I’m a 30 “ish” year old Mama to a beautiful three year old daughter and a sweet and cuddly three month old baby girl. How can this be? I seem to remember so vividly when my own Mama was 30 “ish” years old – and that doesn’t seem like very long ago. Is it just me, or does time speed up after you have children?

With life seeming to be picking up in pace, it does make me contemplate what legacy I want to leave for my children. When they grow up, what memories do I want them to have from their childhood?

Makes me consider my own childhood. My sister, Diana, and I, were very fortunate to have been raised by two wonderful parents. But seeing as it’s nearing Mother’s Day, I will take this opportunity to speak about my Mom.

I am proud to say that when I think about my childhood, my Mom was such an influential person in my life. I can’t recall whether we had an abundance of toys (although I’m sure we did), or what electronics we had (if any, back then!), or whether we were in sports and clubs, or whether our house was always spotless (although I’m guessing it was!)

What I do recall most vividly is the time my Mom spent with us, and the Christian values she instilled in us. I can recall hundreds of family dinners, sitting around the dining room table. She listened intently about our days – the ups and downs, and offered love and prayers when they were needed. I can remember as I got older, many chats in the car or in the living room, where my Mom would remind me of the faithfulness of God, and how He would get me through whatever situation I was going through at the time because God had helped her through many of the tough times in her own life.

I can also remember my Mom striving to keep God first in her own personal life. I can honestly say that she desired to have a daily devotion / prayer time with the Lord, and always encouraged us to do the same. She would tell us how important it was for us to start our day off right – with the Lord.

So even though my childhood wasn’t perfect (there were some bumps in the road – but we all have those), I can say that I grew up knowing Jesus, with a Mother who honoured Him with her time, her resources, and her life. What more could I have asked for.

My cheeks are now covered with tears – I guess that says it all. My prayer for myself and for all of you Moms who are reading this post, is that we would each seek the Lord for guidance as we raise our children; that we would strive to have Christ centered homes, so that when our children look back on their childhoods when they are 30 “ish”, they won’t just remember how many iPhones, iPads and video games they had, but that they will smile as they recall Mom’s who spent quality time with them and who introduced them to the Lord.


About Michelle:

Michelle is a fun loving pastor’s wife and mother of two adorable girls, Braeya (3) and Analeigh (3 months). Michelle can often be found at home ~ sweeping up cheerios, playing dress up & singing with pretend microphones, with the littlest babe in a sling (along for the ride!) If she’s at church, she’s working alongside of her husband Shaun and loving the fact that they can both do ministry together. Some would say Michelle has an addiction to sour candy & chocolate and is in denial of her love for doing laundry! And finally, you’ll often hear Michelle saying, “starting Monday, I’m getting back to making meal plans!” Life is always a work in progress, but she tries her best to enjoy the journey!



  1. Thank you Michelle! What a beautiful tribute! Tears….every time I read it and I have read it many times. I am a blessed Mama with so much to be thankful for. I love you!


  2. What a great tribute to your mom, Michelle! You and Diana were truly blessed to have had the wonderful heritage from your parents and I know that you will pass it on to your girls as well! You’re a great mom! 🙂


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