{Faith} ‘Look up from your phone.’

By: Mandy Hill

Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Colossians 4:5

I have never been the most responsible manager of my time. Pregnancy has somehow amplified this…. If I wake up in the morning feeling energized, I accomplish much. If I have all the time in the world, I tend to accomplish more. However, if I have a deadline…..I tend to accomplish very little.

It’s like that deadline creates a distracting pressure. Everything usually gets done in due time, but not without an inappropriate amount of stress.

I saw this YouTube video recently that spoke many volumes to my heart. You can watch it HERE. {**please excuse the one use of inappropriate language!}


Am I best using my time? When I feel those pangs of guilt for putting off my deadlines, what is it that I’m doing instead? I’m afraid I’ve been caught up in the web of social media. Phones, iPads, Facebook, twitter etc. While social media does have it’s many advantages….if used too much, I am certain we will find ourselves missing out on some very important things in this life.

My husband and I have been scheduling important things like: weekly date nights, weekly family nights, and even time away from our family to be refreshed by something as simple as coffee at Starbucks, with a good friend. All are important; all are beneficial. But, I am challenged to do even more; to limit my daily time spent on phones, iPads, and social media to once daily. My kids, my husband, my friends, my spiritual life and my ministry are far more worthy of my time.


I desperately want the people I’m so privileged to have in my life to see me as more than a robotic contributor to a Facebook status or popular tweet. These people deserve so much more than my ‘like‘, they deserve my love.

Did this video speak to you as well? I’d love to hear how it did! Please comment or email so we can actively pray for one another in every effort to make the best use of our time.

Dear gracious and Heavenly Father. Thank you for the reminder of the value in the people you have placed in our lives; in the here and now. I pray that you will forgive us for ill spent time on what’s not important; and help us as we endeavour to walk forward in making better use of our time. We love you so much and ask these things in your precious and holy name, amen.



  1. I attended my granddaughters basketball game last fall. In the last quarter of the game the senior girls basketball team walked in and sat down to watch the last of the game as they were next to play. As I watched these young ladies file in and take their seats on the bleachers, I recalled many years ago when I used to sit and watch my daughters games, the next team would come in and support and cheer their school on. I did not see that this time. What I saw was 12-15 young ladies all with i-phones, texting, reading, looking at facebook. Doing anything but cheering on their school. I was saddened at how this tool had taken away their ability and desire to be supportive to their younger counterparts on the court. It is a worldwide epidemic. Instead of commercials that say “Drink Responsible” We are now seeing commercials which advocate to “use your phone responsibly”
    It has become a “Beast” of a problem.


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