{FATHERS DAY TRIBUTE} Honouring Jay Colenutt.

Written by: Alicia Chevalier

I am a true daddy’s girl. It is obvious to see when me and my dad are together just how close and alike we really are. From the matching brown hair and brown eyes to the unmistakable same attitude, we are two peas in a pod. My mom loves to tell people just how much of a daddy’s girl I am. She says, from the time I could talk I would stand up in my crib and call Dad, Dad, Dad. My mom would just look at my Dad and say, “honey, she’s calling you.”

A relationship between a Father and daughter is really one of a kind and it starts right about the time he holds you in his arms for the first time. Then and there a special bond is formed and he knows from this day forward he will do everything in his power to protect you from any harm. And so the journey begins. From shopping to fishing, bumps, bruises, broken hearts, dating to marriage, to moving in and fixing up your very first home…your dad continues on your journey every step of the way. My dad and I have had our share of adventures together. All those cottage trips, the time we planted 1500 trees (just the two of us), all the times he dropped me off at summer camp, all the sports events he spent time at, and those fun days when he took me out of school for the day to get a dad day all to ourselves. I cherish all those memories and always will. I am forever grateful.

I truly have the best dad ever. My dad is always great in knowing exactly what I need. A hug, snuggle, a shoulder to cry on…sometimes without any exchange of words, strong arms to carry me when I fall down, and a certain tender heart that God gives especially to dads. In Genesis chapter 1 verse 27 it says, So God created human beings in his own image. We know that our Heavenly Father is faithful, just, kind, caring, loving, forgiving, helpful, compassionate, strong, willing, patient, and so the list goes on. It is easy to see where dads get it from because they were created in the image of our Heavenly Father.

My dad is a true handy man. He can fix anything and I mean anything. From Barbie’s, to broken hearts, to the kitchen sink, he has it covered. I constantly call my dad for help but a lot of the time it is just to hear his voice because I miss him. I think it is important for dads to feel needed and appreciated….because they are. Not just at a young age, but all through the years.

When I was younger I never really thought too much about being raised in a Christian home. We always prayed, always went to church, and always were very loved by our parents. This was just the norm in our home. It wasn’t till I entered into my teenage years that I really started to realize and value how important it is to have Godly parents. I am so blessed and I thank God for the family that I have. I see how important of a job it is to raise your kids in a Godly home and how important it is to live as an example for them. At some point they will have to spread their wings and fly. I am not a parent so I don’t know but I could imagine that this point in life is nerve wracking for parents. I am thankful for the two great examples I had to live by when I was faced with any difficult decision.

To this day I believe that my dad is the strongest man alive. Not too strong that he wasn’t sad when he dropped his little girl off at college, and not too strong that he couldn’t cry at his little girls wedding. God made dads strong for a good reason. It is a regular thing for my mom to ask my dad for help with things around the house. I picked up on this at a young age; we knew dad could do it all so we never hesitated to ask. Dads need to feel strong and helpful because that is what they are. I know my dad is strong, but I also know that he is never too tough for a hug or kiss from his girls. Dads sometimes put on a strong front but I know that words and actions can hurt even the strongest dads. We need to be aware of our actions and words before we speak them or do them. Dads are more sensitive then we think.

In the bible it is very clear about discipline. Colossians chapter 3 verses 20-21, “Children always obey your parents, for this pleases the Lord. Fathers do not aggravate your children, or they will become discouraged.” Dad this means not turning the radio on super loud to wake you kids up for school, especially when you know they hate it! The bible says that if you love your children then you should discipline them. This is hard to understand when you are young but now this makes a lot of sense. I am who I am because of the great job my parents did. My dad is a great example of a Christian man who is head of his household and I am honored that people can see his Godliness in the way he lives each and every day.

Happy father’s day to the best dad in the world. I love you.


Alicia has been a wife to Craig, for nearly three years and together they live in their beautiful farmhouse, in southern Ontario! A family girl, you only need to be with her for a few moments to understand the passion and genuine love she has for her family. She serves as a youth leader at the church she grew up in, and continues to attend with her hubby.


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