{Marriage} Complaining about my blessings.

By: Mandy Hill

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

It’s 6:42 am. Our oldest bursts from his room, finding his way to ours. He quickly finds his way to my husbands side of the bed and just as quickly blurts out that he accidentally peed the bed. Scratch that; he soaked the bed.


It’s 7:04 am. My husband crawls back into bed after assisting our boy in finding dry clothes, changing his wet sheets, and settling him back into bed. We no sooner close our eyes when we hear the familiar squeak of our daughters doorknob opening followed by the soft pitter-patter of her girly toes finding her way to Mommy’s side of the bed. Whispering loudly she leans in close to my ear; “Mommy, is it time to wake up yet?!

All hope of sleeping in is lost as our oldest bursts back into our room upon hearing his sisters tender voice. In the background we hear our littlest man stir and joyfully call out “Mommy, Daddy, Soooooooey!!”

I was about to grumble, ‘I’m so sleepy….why do they always do this on a Saturday?!’, when my hubby gently folds his arm around my head and cheerfully says “Good morning, Mum!” We chuckle, and I am reminded of the many times I longed to be woken up by the sounds of my family; rather than the sounds of hospital machinery. Many mornings I have woken up next to a crib or a bed in a hospital wishing for the comfort and safety of my own home. Yet, here I was, moments away from complaining about my blessings.

My husbands words were simple and yet they spoke volumes to my heart. His tone was supportive and sounded that of an ally. His ability to lighten the mood by causing us to chuckle turned my grumbling attitude into a moment of praise and thankfulness. Not only was I thankful for our health and ability to be home, together as a whole family; but I was also thankful for being blessed with such a great guy to share my early Saturday mornings with!

I am guilty of complaining about my blessings more often than I’d like to admit. Do you do this, sister? Let’s pray for each other and try to be more thankful, giving praise, in times when we are more apt to complain.

After all, It’s impossible to complain and give praise out of your mouth at the same time; let’s make a habit of being quick to praise.

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for my husband! He is truly a gift and I am so thankful You brought him into my life! Thank You for the blessings I have in my family, as well as in the simple, every day blessings that sometimes we take for granted. I pray that You will remind my sisters and I often, to be quick to praise. In Your name I pray, amen.


One comment

  1. I seriously cry everytime I read one of your entries. Know that if God is speaking to no one else through your ministry, He is speaking to me. God bless!


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