{HOMESCHOOL WEEK} The road less travelled.

By: Carrie Bauer

I remember the first time that I heard of home schooling. It was 1985 and I was going to a Christian high school. I remember asking a teacher about a group of kids using our gym. The teacher told me that they were home schooled. I remember thinking about it and questioning this strange concept. This was the start of the Lord impressing home schooling on my heart.

When our oldest daughter was a toddler, my husband and I started to talk together about her education. I distinctly remember the day that we sat down at the kitchen table and wrote out columns on a blank piece of paper. Soon the paper was filled with the pros and cons of public, Christian and home schooling education choices. Needless to say, homeschooling was our choice after much thoughtful prayer and consideration. We have been committed to homeschooling for 16 years now and will continue in our commitment to educate our children until they graduate 12th grade. Our oldest two daughters are finished and are both in college. Hannah is going into her third year at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky. Grace finished a year early and did online college last year and is going to a Bible school in Germany in September. Abby will be in grade 10 and Jonny will be in grade 8 in September.

We have loved having our children at home full time for all these years. It is a difficult choice and one that is not void of sacrifice. There are hard, difficult days and we trust wholly in God’s grace to endure. I believe the benefits are well worthy and far outweigh the sacrifices. Our primary reason we home school is to impart the scriptures to our children and to saturate their learning with the Lord’s ways. We have spent 16 years reading the Bible and missionary stories to our kids daily. This has impacted their lives for His kingdom and we have seen the fruit of our labours as our children have served Him on the mission field. Another huge benefit is seeing our children interact with each other. They are very close and share a tight bond. A few years ago, I wrote this poem that embodies my journey of home schooling:

My Home schooling Journey
The path that I take is covered with aging moss and delicate flowers.
Others have traveled the path, leaving footprints to follow. Its way may seem
unclear at times as it leads me up steep inclines and challenging craigs.
It winds around places that are unfamiliar as I climb the jagged rocks.
My Father is with me in this journey. The glowing, warm sun illuminates the way
and is a light shining. He is the ultimate guide and I am following Him.
I hear His calm voice as He holds my hand and leads me.
I know that He has chosen the path, it is of His design.
I know that I will succeed if I persevere.
He gives me strength moment by moment to
continue…I have taken the road less traveled…it is the hard choice- but, its
rewards are most worthy and eternal.


About Carrie:
I am a daughter of God, saved by His grace. I was so blessed to grow up in a Christian home with godly parents. I’m originally from Michigan and have lived in Canada since 1995. I was a pastor’s daughter that married her best friend in 1990. I am a proud mother of three daughters and a son, ages 12-19.


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