{HOMESCHOOL WEEK} These are MY reasons.

By: Colleen Coleman

Being a parent is a journey of teaching and learning for both parent and child.

When I first became a mom, parenting was the central focus of my life. Who am I kidding, It was my life. I found joy in every little detail. As my children grew I found myself getting excited about each new learning experience. New foods, toilet learning, pumping a swing, tying shoes and singing our ABC’s; all normal things that parents are expected to teach their kids, were as exciting to me as they were to the kids. It was a joy to see my children succeed and I found our bond was strengthened through each experience. Being able to witness those baby and toddler firsts, was something I would never choose to miss out on and I’m very blessed that I’ve been given that choice.

As my kids approached school age and I imagined someone, other than myself, sharing in those special moments with my children, I grew anxious. I wanted to see their triumph as they read their first words. I choose to have and raise these children and have been blessed with the resources that make it possible for me to be home with them. I am the parent of my children and as such I feel that having them spend six plus hours a day under the care and influence of a complete stranger is not only unnecessary, but it seems almost contrary. My children are my ministry; My job; teaching them first, to represent the character of Christ and to be a person of noble character. Second, to teach them academics.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. I know that many people feel that the best dynamic for their family is to have their kids in school for academics and to pour Christ and all of the life lessons into them when they’re home. That’s excellent and I have nothing negative to say about anyone’s choice to put their children in a traditional school. This isn’t about condemnation. This is where I was led and these are MY reasons.

As my family grew we were faced with many challenges; having a child with special needs, being one of them. I knew that homeschooling was the best choice for him, but having that choice validated by every Psychologist and developmental specialist that we came across made me feel as though God had led us down this path for more than one reason.

Homeschooling isn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a challenge to organize and enforce lessons, but the real challenge is keeping the balance of loving parent who encourages and uplifts, while also correcting all of their spelling mistakes, sentence structure and composition. Now that’s tough, but worth every minute. The bonds that have been forged between my husband and I, and our children are incredible.

I praise God for blessing my life with these precious children and I thank Him everyday for the privilege of being able to minister to them through homeschooling. I pray that we would honour Him though this and pass along a heritage of nurturing our children into people of noble and Godly character, though this path that He has led us on.


Born and raised in Tecumseh, Colleen is a homeschooling mother of four amazing kids. Hannah (17), Abigail (14), Gideon (11) and Leah (who is very nearly 9). She and her husband Paul are soon to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Spending time with her family and having a close relationship with her kids is priority. Although she has a love for Drama ministry, her children are the ministry that God has really called her to. Raising them in the knowledge and love of the Lord, to become people of noble and Godly character is her focus.


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