{Girls Edition} A technology pitfall.

By: Kerrington Sweeney

I was out with my sweet Mema (Grandma Mom’s side) and some of the ladies in our family not long ago for a little lunch date…
As we sat, and waited for a waitress to take our order, I seen this sweet elderly Man whom was a Grandpa and his young woman teenager (I’m guessing) Grand-daughter out for a lunch date also.

Mema, the ladies and I chatted…
and laughed the afternoon away.
Many memories were made.
(We certainly were a sight to see…)


I continued to glance over at the table right near to us, where the Grandfather and Grand-daughter sat. Not but, a hand-full of words were to be exchanged; And very sorrowful, solemn expressions were deeply engraved into each of their faces; As though this was there normal-looking face. Not to mention…the grand-daughters cell phone was constantly vibrating, ringing and beeping.

This Sisters, is a pretty clear example of the massive downfall that we are facing head on as a generation.
Who needs to talk face-to-face anymore, when I could text, FB message, tweet, kik, and snap?!

Why even have a lunch date with Grandpa, when we could Face Time or Skype? Why is a simple ‘lunch date’ even important anymore in this world?!

This truly breaks my heart…
To see this happening in amongst our generation.


Call me old-fashioned but,
I definitely am a people-person.
I am one, who loves having company over for dinner and absolutely loves having coffee dates with my young-lady friends. Impromptu visits with friends is also one of my favourite things in the whole world…
To me, going out of your way to spend quality time together…is truly a lost art especially in this day and age.

So even today sisters, take time to plan an outing with a friend who needs to chat or even plan Dinner with your Grandparents. Take Time to honor different people in your life and oh yes! I almost forgot…leave your cell phones at home! 😉 I know it’s hard but, you’ll thank me later!

Until Next Time,



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