{Turning tragedy into thanksgiving} Grant’s story.

Written by: Joan Park

My husband Grant and I were watching our then, 4-year-old grandchildren one Friday in April 2012. the weather was sunny and spring-like. After lunch, Grant wanted to go home to cut the grass so I took the boys to the park. An hour and a half later, I returned to our daughter’s home as the phone was ringing. Grant had collapsed after cutting the front grass. Our neighbor, Steve, was talking to him and caught him as he fell. A second neighbour, Brian, a retired firefighter, saw him collapse and quickly began cardiac compressions as his heart had stopped. A third neighbour, Suzie wa walking her dog. Suzie is a 9-1-1 telephone operator so accomplished the rescue breathing. A fourth neighbour, Laurie, and Steve’s wife, Deb, are both nurses so managed the scene and an ambulance was called. Laurie and Deb met our daughter, Kelley and me at the hospital to fill us in as we were not allowed to see Grant yet. ( at this point we were not sure if he was alive or not) Within a few hours, he was air-lifted to a London cardiac care hospital and placed on life support. His nurses that night were 2 caring, praying, Christians who supported us in our faith. 24 hours later, many tests laters, and previous record checks later, Grant was removed from life support speaking clearly and wondering where he was. He thought it was still Friday afternoon. I can remember the relief in Ian and Kelley as we laughed and joked with him. Withis a few minutes, we had Grant on the phone with Graeme who lived in British Columbia so he could hear his Dad’s voice too.

A month later, Grant was the proud owner of a brand new mechanical aortic heart valve. Our praise and thanksgiving go to the Great Maestro who orchestrated all of our neighbours in perfect time to bring Grant back to health. What a testimony to our neighbourghood! Our God is surely GOOD!


Joan Park has been married to Grant for 42 years. They have 3 grown children, Ian, Graeme and Kelley who are all married. God has blessed them with 6 precious grandchildren. Both are retired; Grant from high school teaching and Joan from a pastoral assistant position in a local church as well as teaching in a Christian School. Joan’s prayer focus has always been for families to know, serve and love Jesus.


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