{Turning tragedy into thanksgiving} Regan’s story.

Written by: Alisha Berg

On November 25th 2012 a beautiful baby girl was born. Her birth brought tears of joy and sorrow. Let’s start this story though back in March of 2012; 37 weeks before this day.
I was a very happy girl confident in faith and living a great relationship with my family. I had just got back from a Karen Kingsbury cruise with my Mom and Gramma when I got a call for a job. It was full time for the week of March break so I hopped on the opportunity to make some money. Little did I know, that week my life would be changed forever!

On Tuesday of that week I went to hang out with a co-worker before work started, but instead going for coffee like he had suggested earlier, he decided to rape me. I didn’t know what to do after it happened, and I blindly committed to a relationship with my rapist.

I found out about 3-4 weeks after that I was pregnant and I destroyed my relationship with my family. I moved in with the guy and he continually sexually abused me for the few months we were together. The sexual abuse abounded and physical and verbal abuse were added to the roster of all I endured during the few months I stayed with him. In early July of 2012 I moved out and in late July before my 20th birthday, I broke up with him for good.


In September of 2012 at 6 months pregnant I met Jereme Berg; my now husband. He was so sweet and I immediately fell for him, and he for me we had a bit of a long distance relationship but we made it work.

In November I started to get really big and one Sunday while in church I went into labour. All I remember is having to sit in the pew and doubling over in pain. I went to the hospital soon after church ended and at 11:43pm Regan Laine Brooks was born, not breathing and not moving. All I remember is her being taken to the NICU before my mom had to deliver the bad news to my sister, my boyfriend Jereme, and my dad; who knew as soon as my mom walked out that something was wrong.


Regan was the in NICU in Windsor for 4 days before she was transferred to children’s hospital in London. While in the NICU Regan was immediately put on CPAP the BiPAP until she had to be orally intubated. She had a NG tube an NJ tube and and she fully depended on a ventilator to keep her alive. My mom and dad went down to the NICU after Regan was born and took pictures so I could see her because I had lost a lot of blood and was too faint to get out of my hospital bed to go see her in person.

On Monday afternoon I was able to go see Regan in a extra pillow padded wheelchair. She was so small and looked so helpless. I cried to see her like that and was only able to touch her through the holes in the side of the incubator.

On the Tuesday me and Regan both had blood transfusions and I was feeling a bit better.
On the Thursday Regan was transferred to London and I was allowed to leave Windsor hospital to go be with her in London. I was fortunate and able to stay at Ronald McDonald House during her stay in London. The night of the 29th of November my dad and I went over to see Regan in the PCCU (paediatric critical care unit) and they told us kisses were mandatory and lifted the lid on the incubator. I was so happy to be able to finally kiss my baby.


At 9 days old I was finally able to hold my baby girl for the first time, although we used to joke she wasn’t the ‘cordless model’ yet.

We spent a long 6 months in London but The Lord really pressed my patience and taught me how to trust in him fully. I brought my baby home on May 14 2013 and it was so amazing to see her grow so wonderfully at home. In August of 2013 my now husband proposed and we got married exactly one day shy of a year later. The Lord has turned my tragedy of a sick baby, an abusive relationship and severed ties; into a thriving child, proving doctors wrong, and a loving marriage with the most amazing and accepting man, and restored relationships that are so strong now. The Lord loves to teach us things and I now realize sometimes tragedies are the best way to teach us important lessons and show us how He has a great plan for us.


Alisha Berg is 22 years old and has lived in Essex, Ontario her whole life. She just recently graduated from the St Clair College Hairstyling program after much help and support from her family and friends. She is married to Jereme and has one daughter, Regan.



  1. It was very emotional to read your story Alisha, and I’m sure it was even more emotional for you to write and re-live, but most likely also theraputic. Praying for the days ahead as we all continue to learn, trust, and grow.


  2. What a brave family you are. My adopted son Josh has the same condition . I watch all little Regan s video clips . She is so adorable. My son’s biological parents were very violent and aggressive. Thank god I got to aggressive foot him. I am proud to know you. What a shining example of the power of love . Bless you x


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