{Girl Edition} Deeper.

By: Kerrington Sweeney


Last weekend, I had a great opportunity to attend a youth fall-retreat. A whole new incredible experience it was, I might add ๐Ÿ˜‰

The entire weekends theme was entitled “Deeper.” At this retreat each of us was challenged, to go deeper in our walk with God.

Of course, at events like this…
Typically, buckets of tears are shed, a much needed time of repenting to follow, the mountains of used tissues starts to pile up in the Auditorium every where you look.

As I continued to press into The Lord, the more I really wasn’t even…’feeling it.’
I began to question myself…the thoughts of “What’s wrong with you…you should be crying too?” raced through my mind.

When all of this was taking place in my mind, our dear Youth Pastor, called out to us students and asked us to be Brave enough to share some of our struggles with the crowd. So that way, we could pray with each other in groups and know that we aren’t the only one battling with “stuff.” Because truly when we are vulnerable, we all fight battles.

Seeing these young brave students walk up, take the mic in hand and so vulnerably share about their personal struggles. As each struggle or trial was called out, I found it even harder to press into Him.

The students gathered together in specific groups, and as they shared with each other….
Special bonds and brand new friendships were built. What a precious sight it was to witness.

Seeing God’s perfect everlasting love raining down on each group, as they broke the lies of the enemy that had been spoken over their lives.

After awhile of hearing the cries of such a desperate people finding complete hope within Our Heavenly Father…I found myself not in any group, but rather just sitting in my seat with my eyes closed tightly and my hands grasped together.
As I patiently waited upon The Lord that Saturday Night Service, I felt Him summoning me to pray for a young lady, that I didn’t even know, who was sitting one row in front of me!!!…The Fear that instantly fell within me, was overpowering my faith.

The even scarier part was…
As The Lord dropped this on my heart to pray with her, she stood right up, turned around and looked straight at me.

With a very timid and sorta shy voice, I mustered up the bit of courage I had and said: “Umm…Can I pray for you?”
Her reply was said, with a smile from ear to ear…”Of Course!
I would so love that!”

We prayed together and truly I felt in that moment, even myself, going deeper in God.
While I crossed over that chicken line and faced my fears.

Going Deeper with God doesn’t always look the same. Don’t ever be ashamed that you aren’t desperately crying, cause you feel that’s the only way it is to get closer to God. Cause it’s not.

Going Deeper with God comes, in all shapes and forms. Unique for each and every person!

Today, I leave you with a challenge…I challenge you to Go Deeper in your walk with God. Don’t just walk along the shore lines because, although they are nice and comfortable, God’s calling you out of your comfort zone into deeper places.
Places you never would have dreamt existed.

Be willing to go Deeper Sisters.
For Deeper, Is where He is calling you ๐Ÿ™‚

Until Next Time,


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