{Faith} What I Want for Christmas.

By: Nathan Hill

It’s the holiday season and the talk around many coffee shops is what we are getting for Christmas and what we are giving to other people. Sometimes it is easy to purchase that perfect present for someone. Other times, however, it is not that easy. You see, we live in a culture where most of the time we have everything we need, and many of the things that we want. What do you give to that difficult person on your list who seems to have everything? Conversely, when people ask you what you want for Christmas, what do you tell them?

Mandy and I were pondering these things this morning as we are trying to finish our shopping and get all the parcels off in the mail. These thoughts continued to roll around in my mind as I carried out my morning routine at the office with bible reading and worship music. As I was browsing worship music on YouTube as is my custom, I came across the very thing that I want for Christmas—not just this Christmas but every Christmas. I watched a heard a renowned Christian vocal artist perform a duet with his teenage daughter for the very first time in public.

I continued to think about this as I walked back to work after lunch today. It’s more than just the musical bond that I want to have with my children when they grow older. All music aside, it’s the bond of faith that I really want.


As my three boys and one little princess grow over the years and ask me what they can get for me, I will tell them that there are only two things that I will ever want. First, I want them to always love and follow Jesus Christ. Second, I want my boys to marry a girl that loves and follows Jesus Christ just like our family does. Likewise, I want my little princess to marry a boy that loves and follows Jesus just like our family does. And that is it. That is all I ever want. It does not matter what they do for a career, it does not matter where they live, and it does not even matter where they go to university or college (or if they go). If I can have just these two things, then everything else will work itself out in time.

So, to all the parents who are raising young girls right now, please set aside three special ones for my boys. Teach them to love and follow Jesus Christ and to search high and low for boys that share in their faith. And, to all the parents who are raising a couple, two, three young boys right now, God help us all! Seriously though, teach them to love and follow Jesus Christ and to search for a girl that shares in that same faith.

Parents, take this task seriously, and perhaps share my two Christmas wishes with your children also. Remember, you are raising someone else’s future husband or wife—maybe even my little princess’s future prince.


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