{Best of 2014} The crown of the aged.

Written by: Karen Conrad

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged,” Proverbs 17:6

Right there, among the creaking joints, greying hair and coming to terms with the fact that those laugh lines you’ve been joking about are really wrinkles, God blesses you with these fantastic little folks in your life! It’s like a bonus for growing old!

In them you see things that remind you of their mommy or daddy when they were young and you get to experience again life through the eyes of a child. Only this time around, because circumstances have changed, you have less responsibility and more freedom to take the time and enjoy these moments.

Let me share with you a day in the life of being a Grandma.

On a beautiful spring morning, just as I was enjoying my second cup of coffee, the telephone rang. It was my five year old granddaughter who lives just down the road. It seemed as though she had a dilemma on her hands, her mommy was going to town to buy groceries and she didn’t want to go. Could she come “play” with me? Of course the answer was YES.

As soon as her mother was out the door, she proceeded to check out my treat cupboard. She munched her goodies while we watched a kids DVD. Then she declared that since it was such a bright sunshiny day, we should go outdoors. Consequently, shoes were tied, sweaters donned, and out the door we went.

First, we swung on the swings. Evidently I wasn’t swinging high enough to suit her, so she proceeded to show me how to bend my legs to make the swing go faster. Wasn’t it just last year that I was the instructor?

Then she stood up on the swing and wiggled and jiggled until she was swinging side to side. “Did you ever do this, Gram?”

I assured her that indeed I had when I was a little girl like her. The expression on her face turned to deep concentration mingled with doubt. I don’t know which she was having the most trouble with, believing I was ever that agile, or that at one time her Gram had actually been a little girl!

Next it was off for a game of hopscotch. I hurried into the house and found my stash of sidewalk chalk. ( I have to protect it because the grandkids are often guilty of leaving it out in the rain.) With purple chalk in hand, and for that matter on hands as well, I drew what I felt was a lovely hopscotch block.

Before I even took my first turn, she looked at me and said, “Gram, you don’t have to hop, you can just walk.” My bladder thanked her.

After several games with rules she made up as we went along, she declared herself the winner and suggested we go up the hill to pick Mayflowers. She giggled as she ran from clump to clump of the delicate pink blooms. I showed her how to dig down under the leaves to find the most beautiful ones and explained that they got the best supply of moisture to grow. Each with a bouquet in our hands, we “sniffed” our way back down the hill. “Mayflowers stink pretty you know!”

Spotting the rusty tricycle out back, she insisted that we have a parade. “You can throw the candy!” she delegated. There we went making several loops around the house, she in the lead doing the queen’s wave and me behind, enthusiastically throwing pretend candy to the imaginary crowd.

All this activity had given us both an appetite, so we scurried into my kitchen and were enjoying a sandwich and juice when her mommy arrived back from town.

I am determined to thoroughly enjoy these moments with my grandchildren. I know all too well, from my own children, how soon they are grown and gone. So if you hear through the grapevine that I am becoming a tad senile in some of my actions, don’t you believe a word of it. I’m simply enjoying childhood – the third time around!


Karen M. Conrad has been involved in women’s ministries for many years. An author, she teaches a ladies’ Sunday school class and speaks at women’s retreats and special events. She is the mother of five grown children and grandmother of eight. A widow, she resides in Argyle, Nova Scotia.


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