{Girl Edition} A Passion to Serve.

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney

As I sit here writing this, my Fire-captain Father is out fighting a fire and protecting our community…fitting right?!

Being the kids of a fire captain has had it’s many perks over the years, but in the end; All we really want is…Our daddy to come home safe.


The moment 9-11 is dialled for the safety and protection of your family;
My family is in jeopardy of losing our Father, Protector, Soul Provider, Husband and Daddy.

This is very real stuff folks, and people sometimes don’t even take the time to realize that.


Let me be completely honest with you…

These men and women who serve at our local fire-stations are not looking for any sort of ‘Title’ because…
It truly goes beyond a title, beyond any so-called duty to serve in the community; This life style becomes a
Burning passion in these courageous men and women who are so eagerly willing to serve and risk their lives.
It becomes,

A passion, to serve.
A passion, to protect.
A passion, to fight.


Every time the Fire-pager goes off in our home, with that first sound of alarm at anytime, day or night…
We send our Daddy off, with a very high risk of him not returning home.
The sirens will whale and the families gather to pray.

Sacrifice. Is the word, that best describes these men and women’s life style. It blows my mind the amounts that they pour out for the better of our community.


The many dangerous situations my Dad and his ‘brothers’ have to face at a moments notice, are horrific.
If it weren’t for the many angels of protection constantly out watching over them…I’m not sure how they would make it.
“…but whoever trusts in the Lord, will be safe.”
~Proverbs 29:25(b)

Fire-fighting is a challenging job that sometimes truly goes unoticed, until it’s needed. So even Today, take time to honour all men and women who serve in our local fire-stations. Bless them with words of gratitude for the amounts they pour into our community. Pray for the safety and protection of these Mum’s and Dad’s who go to fight fires at 5am. Pray for these fire-fighting families, as they wait patiently for the safe arrivals home.

We are so proud of you Daddy!

Until Next Time,



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