{Marriage} Cherish him.

By: Mandy Hill

“What a man desires is unfailing love.” Proverbs 19:22a

I married the love of my life, Nathan, just shortly after my 20th birthday. Surely God brought us together in those moments of falling in love, and he has undoubtedly been with us throughout our incredible journey of marriage for the last 9 years. We never doubted he would be with us during our journey as husband and wife; what we did not know was how radically he would change our hearts in HOW we love.

Our love journey has been more adventurous, more miraculous than we ever dreamed or imagined.

May I invite you to look into my past for a moment….there you will see a 20 year girl whose husband quickly became her everything. I loved him so much and he loved me back. We enjoyed the same things in life. We had the same hopes and dreams for our futures. We were best friends. He was my prince charming and he treated me like his princess. Sounds like an amazing fairy tale doesn’t it?!

On the contrary…

By no fault of my incredible God-given husband, I had placed my very identity in the amount that he loved me. As you can imagine, my heart quickly became an empty shell that was impossible for my husband to fill. You see, I became so bent on how to earn his love that I almost lost sight of the very one who has never stopped.


I have learned over the years where my TRUE identity lies. It is not in the home in which I live, in the numbers on our bank account balance, in my friendships, in my ministry or even in the man I love most on this earth. No, my identity lies in Christ. What is really neat, is that as I have allowed Christ to fill every corner and crevice of my heart, he has renewed the love in which I give to my husband.

It is out of the abundance of love that God has poured into every empty space of my heart that I am able to love Nathan. Suddenly it is no longer about how much he can love me but instead, about how much I can love him. What a drastic shift our marriages would take if we each looked first to God to fill our empty places and then as God’s love overflows from within us (which it so amazingly does) we unselfishly love on our spouse. Wow!!

My sisters, if you feel like you are in an unhappy marriage can I encourage you to examine where it is you are searching for love? The bible says “{she} who believes and puts her trust in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From {her} innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'” (John 7:38)

……”from {her} INNERMOST BEING will flow RIVERS of living water.”

It will bring you heaps of joy and perfect peace if you love from the abundance of love that comes from God. It will be unconditional and unending; just in the same way that He loves us! Don’t miss this opportunity, my sister friends- seek God and ask Him to be the one who fills your being with His everlasting love FIRST. From that outpouring, love on your husband regardless of how much or how little you feel he returns your love. Commit to cherish your husband today.

Father God, thank You for the man You have undoubtedly chosen for me. For matching me with a man that chases hard after You. I pray for my sisters who are caught up in the ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ tangled web; please assure them, Jesus, that You are their supply; that their identity is ultimately in You. As You fill their hearts, God, with Your everlasting love please show them opportunities where they may love their husband out of the abundance of the love they’ve received from You. I pray restoration and healing on my sisters this very moment. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.


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