{Girl Edition} YOLO!

By: Kerrington Sweeney


I know at times this quote is used with super bad stuff…but I truly look past that stuff and see the truth in this quote.
You really do…only live once.

God has placed each of us here with a plan and purpose. One of those main purposes is to make His precious glory known to all the earth.

As I enter into my late teen years and I am already beginning to look back at the life, I have already lived…The Lord stirs within me. I want to make a difference and an impact, while I am on this earth.
Even If it’s small, or even if it’s super gigantic, I want to make it happen. Because, you only live once.

I want to Love the desperately hurting people.
I want to serve the broken down souls and get them back on their own two feet.
I want to encourage and lift up women through all of life’s challenges and trials.
I want to make a change in our school systems.
I want to make an incredible impact in the way young women dress. I want to make modesty known once again in this world.
I want to pour out, as much as I possibly can into people in my community, so that way they can turn to others, and do the same. I want to make an impact.

And that dear sisters, starts not tomorrow, not Monday with the new meal plan, and not even next month…This impact starts TODAY!

Mark 16:15 states:
“…Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Today, I encourage you to begin making an impact in your community!
Be a light, source of great encouragement, and a happy heart 🙂
Be open and vulnerable with your friends, family and neighbours!
Be the Difference, you want to see!

Until Next Time,


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