{Answered Prayer} Adam’s story.

Written by: Lori Colenutt

Our story begins on July 13, 1985 when my husband Jay and I became the proud parents of a healthy little bundle of boy!

Fast forward to May, 1988 and a new story begins. I was visiting with Jay’s mom and she noticed that Adam’s lips had very little colour to them. Jay and I had not noticed this since Adam was nice and tanned up and seemed to be healthy and happy. I called our doctor and asked if he could take a look at Adam, I brought him in the next day. The doctor did not seem overly concerned for the same reasons that I didn’t, Adam’s colour was good, and he had loads of energy and was talking up a storm. We went for blood work as a precaution.

I was at work the next day when the doctor called me and asked if I could bring Adam to Hotel Dieu Hospital ASAP. Now I was worried. I brought Adam to the hospital and was met by our doctor and a specialist. The specialist was given four days to give a diagnosis or Adam would be sent to London. More blood work was done and we were advised that his count was extremely low. This baffled everyone because he still had energy to spare.

Four days came and went and we were no closer to knowing what was wrong. I again received a call to take Adam to London ASAP there was a specialist waiting to see him. I could not get in touch with Jay at work since cell phones where not what they are today and he was out on a job site. Thankfully a wonderful friend (Pamela) dropped everything to go to London with me, I had no idea where the hospital was even located. Pamela met me at Hotel Dieu Hospital and as we were leaving with Adam a number of nurses walked us to the Elevator and with tears in their eyes they all wished us well and said they would always remember Adam and his beautiful eyes.

When we arrived in London at the hospital the first thing that the medical staff asked was if Adam had stopped breathing or turned blue on the way here (an hour and a half drive). I could not believe how serious his condition was and no one had told me. Pamela was amazed that Adam was not sent by ambulance if cardiac arrest had been a very real possibility during our drive. Immediately Adam was seen by a specialist and was sent for more blood work and within a few hours we were told that he had Aplastic Anemia (Leukemia). Jay arrived shortly after this and our happy little world seemed to turn upside down. Pamela left to go home and said she would ask everyone to pray for Adam.

The next day Adam endured test after test including a bone marrow tap so we could see if Jay or I would be a match for him. Then in the afternoon we were asked to bring Adam for more testing, we walked into a room with about five or six doctors who were all assigned to help Adam. I don’t think there was one doctor in the room who was prepared to see how active Adam still was with how low his blood count was, they asked Adam all sorts of questions, he could talk extremely well for his age and they asked him to perform a number of physical tasks all of which he could easily do. You could tell by their expressions that they were baffled.

Adam was started on blood transfusions later in the afternoon as they had to get his blood count up fast. Adam did not like the needle in his arm so he pulled it out. The nurses put mittens on his hands and so he used is teeth to pull the next needle out! Then they had to resort to tying his hands to the side of the crib to ensure he left the needles alone. What a boy! Jay and I stayed with Adam until early evening when we finally left the hospital to get some rest. We sat in our car out in the parking lot and cried for Adam and cried for ourselves, then we prayed and asked God for a miracle for Adam.

The next morning Jay came back to Essex and I headed to the hospital to stay with Adam. As soon as I walked in the nurses swarmed me saying the doctor wanted to see me ASAP, again nothing like a major worry first thing in the morning. I needed to see Adam before the doctor, as I walked into Adam’s room he was jumping up and down in the crib and the nurse was watching him. I noticed right away that there were no needles hooked up to him and again I worried. I asked Adam how he was and he stopped jumping and looked right at me and said “Jesus made me better” I thought the nurse was going to pass out right there I can’t explain the look on her face. The doctor arrived to talk with me and said that the night before while Adam was getting his blood transfusions they were checking his blood count every hour, somehow it kept doubling every time they checked it. The doctor said this is absolutely not humanly possible and he could not explain how it was happening. (But don’t forget that we asked for a miracle that same night).

Adam spent another two days in the hospital to make sure the blood count stayed where is was supposed to be and then they sent us home. We went for regular monthly check ups, the doctors still could not explain the blood count, but miracles do still happen.

This year Adam will turn 30 and he is still healthy!

About Lori:


My name is Lori Colenutt, I am the general manager of a para-transit system and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges and rewards my job brings on a daily basis from both clients and employees.
I met my husband when we were both in high school. When we started dating he invited me to his church. I was raised Catholic and Jay was raised Pentecostal, this was a totally new experience for me. I was saved a few months after we started dating, and thankfully my parents were fine with me attending a Pentecostal church.
Jay and I have been married for 31 ½ years, we have two of the most amazing and loving kids ever Adam and Alicia. We also, have the best daughter-in-law and son-in-law. They are the perfect addition to our family! We have been blessed with a granddaughter and a grandson too.


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