{Girl Edition} #Bold.

By: Kerrington Sweeney


As I was preparing for today, I really wanted my post for this week to be a Big, BOLD, and exciting topic….
What a better way to do so, then talking about Boldness!
I truly hope you enjoy!
So without further ado…
I give you #BOLD!


I dare you to…Be BOLD!!!

Proclaiming our Faith in Christ is no small step. Proclaiming, takes Boldness and today is the day that Boldness will change your life in a unique, fascinating way.

Our Generation is truly a lost one.
One with really no direction
and frankly sometimes, no purpose.
But with all that being said…

Are you ready to start the change in our Generation
by proclaiming your Faith on a daily basis?

With the Media constantly bombarding us, it is a difficult battle we are commissioned to fight daily,
to proclaim our faith and trust in God…

I personally can say I have struggled with being Bold in Christ in the past. With the Fear of judgment and Satan constantly playing with our minds and placing false mindsets in us, Boldness is truly, a lost art.

We as Christians are called to be set-apart ambassadors for Him, going against what the crowd is telling us to do and being BOLD in our Faith.

“But How??” You may ask.

Let’s together head over to Acts in our Bibles… Today’s verse is founded in Acts 28:31, it reads…

“Proclaim the Kingdom Of God and teaching about the Lord,
Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.”

That verse tells us pretty clearly that we do need to be BOLD in all situations of life and to proclaim the Kingdom of God!

I know it is hard in the time we live in, but, now is the time.

Being Bold, doesn’t mean you need to scream ‘Jesus Loves you’ in peoples faces, until they believe you…
Being Bold can be done in quiet ways, perhaps dressing modestly, listening to different kinds of music,
than the world, etc.

These things, may seem so small,
but they will make the world of change. Let’s together, become a Courageous Generation!

Until Next Time,


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