“All the Single Ladies…..”

Written By: Mandy Hill

For women who claim to be devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do. (1 Timothy 2:10)

Dear beautiful {young} daughter of God,

I remember the lonely nights. I remember falling asleep feeling like the only teenage girl alive that didn’t have a boyfriend. I remember how the absence of a boyfriend brought the presence of the identity that I was not worthy; that I somehow did not measure up to all the other girls in my circle.

I gave my heart to Jesus just a few months after I turned thirteen. I fell completely in love my Saviour and devoted the remainder my life’s journey to being sold out for Him.

My blossoming relationship with God was a beautiful thing…..until I got caught up in the fact that while the majority of my friends were in relationships; I remained single. It’s an easy web to get tangled up in; seeking your identity in that of a relationship. But it did not produce any fruit, in fact, it distracted me from my relationship with God and changed my focus to seeking out what would make me attractive to that special someone.

You see, the world desperately beckoned me to believe that because i was not in a relationship…I was ‘less than.’

My God, however, taught me in my season of singleness, to stand firm in my position as His daughter. He gently told me that “A good woman is hard to find; and she is worth far more than diamonds.” (Proverbs 31:10), and He challenged me to work on becoming that ‘good woman’ before I stirred up and excited love. (Song of Songs 8:4)

I read some books on dating and came up with a list of boundaries for myself. No, I would not ‘date’ just to say I was dating; I in fact was worth far more than that. I would however, pray for the man I one day would call my husband. I would build my character and solidify my relationship with my Saviour before I opened my heart to loving another man; after all I am first, His.


Young women, if you give your love life over to God and trust Him to pen your love story, I guarantee you will never be disappointed. It may never look like you’ve dreamed it would, but from my experience; it will look better. Don’t compromise who you are in Jesus for anything or anyone. I challenge you to really pray and ask God what it means to be a ‘good woman’ and allow God to direct your steps as you journey your way into becoming one.

Remember who your first love is, and honor Him with every decision you make.

Bless you, young daughters,
Mandy Hill

P.S. Heavenly Father, I pray for the young girls who’s eyes will fall on this letter- I pray for their hearts. I pray, Jesus, that you will become completely irresistible to them, drawing them to Your side. Please bless them and be for them everything their heart’s desire. Protect them from the battle the enemy will desperately try to ensue on them, and lead them to victory. We bless you, God. We exalt You. In Jesus name, Amen!


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