Written by: Heidi Doucette

On Sunday, December 11, 2011 I found out I was pregnant. I became a mother at that moment. It was one of the most exciting days of my life and I will never forget that feeling. In that moment I was already dreaming of what our bundle of joy would bring us. Was it a boy or girl? What will they look like? What will they become? A short time later we found out we were having a girl and we were overjoyed! As the time of her arrival grew closer, fears and doubts crept in about what kind of a mother I would be. Can I do this? How will I know how to handle the unknown? Our precious daughter Faith was born August 20, 2012.


As I looked to the scriptures to see what God had to say about motherhood, I was honored. Being a mom is one of the greatest callings in life. Psalm 127:3-5 says that children are a gift from the Lord. Children bring excitement and joy into our lives and make us appreciate the little things, such as the first snowfall of winter or the first robins of spring. We glow at the sight of their first smile, their first words and their first steps. Every day brings new adventure and discovery. Hearing Faith say the words “I love you Mommy,” always brighten my day. Being a mom is an integral part of who I am and to Faith “Mommy” is my name.

With great blessing comes great responsibility. Proverbs 22:6 reminds us to train up a child in the way they should go. Being a mom requires a lot. We are never off duty and there are no sick days or vacations. We are our children’s greatest influence and they are watching us 24/7. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” No matter what we face, we can ask for God’s help. God asks us to teach our children. We teach them skills, manners, patients, how to love others but most importantly how to love God. They learn most from watching us. The Bible also calls us to nurture our children through acceptance, affection, encouragement and unconditional love. We as moms become one of the clearest pictures of what God is like. We must reflect Him so that they can see His true character through us. Although nobody likes it, we are instructed to discipline our children. The scriptures say that God disciplines the ones He loves. We know that the point is not to hurt our children but to direct them lovingly and firmly, just as God does with us. Most times I don’t enjoy discipline but it is always for my good.

There have been times as a mom when I felt overwhelmed with joy! Examples of this would be Faith sharing with her friends, reciting her alphabet, singing songs from church into her microphone and of course peeing on the potty! Other times I have been saddened to tears; like the time she had a nasty fall or I had to leave her crying to go back to work after maternity leave. (I cried all the way to work) Sometimes I have been worried when sickness hits and fevers run high. I have even been frustrated when sleep training failed and there were many long nights of tears and interrupted sleep. Despite all of this, I love Faith! Through all of these situations, being a mom has taught me more about God’s love than I ever thought possible. Being human, sometimes our emotions get the best of us but God is always patient.

I know there have been times when God was proud of me for making a wise decision with His leading; like choosing my spouse or my career. There have been times when He has been saddened to tears when I have chosen to do things my way or when I let my flesh get the best of me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He has been frustrated with me. At times I didn’t listen to wise council or I ignored direct instruction. But despite my imperfections, He loves me! Having Faith has taught me how to love in a whole new way. The love you have for your child is unique and cannot be understood until you experience it. When I see how much I love her, it helps me better understand how much God loves me. Even through times of discipline and testing, I can see more easily that I am His child and He sees what is ahead. He is preparing me for the future, just as I am trying to prepare Faith for what is to come. I love her no matter what, she is my child. It is my job to lay a firm foundation for her life. I will do my best to equip her with the skill she needs for life. My greatest mission field is my home.

Although my role as a mother will change through the years, the love for my child will not. It is unconditional and timeless. I don’t take my motherly responsibilities lightly. I truly believe God has called me to this and I am beyond proud to be a mom to a precious little girl! Every night I tuck Faith into bed I put my hand on her and say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for one of my greatest blessings in life. I also ask Him for wisdom to handle the days to come. I end each prayer with, “Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, and God loves you.” She often repeats it and gives me a kiss; the perfect way to end the day.


About Heidi:
Heidi is the mother of a two and a half year old daughter, Faith. She is an elementary school teacher and a pastor’s wife. Heidi, Andrew and Faith reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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