{MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL EVENT} Seven years ago ……

Written by: Margaret Connolly

I didn’t know how her hair would curl in the damp weather, just like mine.
I didn’t know she’d have a little ‘beauty mark’ on her neck by her clavicle, just like I do.
I didn’t know her nose would be covered with a little splash of freckles after being in the sun, just like mine.


I didn’t know she’d be a better artist than me by the time she was 6 years old.
I didn’t know she’d love to draw mermaids and spend hours perfecting their tails.
I didn’t know she’d pick tomatoes out of her food but eat every other vegetable and fruit she was served.

I didn’t know she’d create signs for her bedroom door to keep her sisters out.
I didn’t know her eyes would light up when she talked about her latest artistic inspirations.
I didn’t know that she would hate it when her friends were sad.
I didn’t know how much she’d enjoy making cards for her teacher.
I didn’t know she’d love to write songs and poems, but be bashful when performing them.

I didn’t know that her skin would be the exact same color as her Dad’s.
I didn’t know that her arms would bend in the strangest of ways, like her Dad.
I didn’t know she’d be good with numbers, like her Dad.

I didn’t know how fiercely I’d love her.

How she would make me laugh …….. how my protective instincts would come out if anyone tried to hurt her. She was mine. My little girl. The sweetest blue eyed baby the world had ever seen. Her hair all blonde and spiky.

I saw His love for me through her.

I didn’t know how much He cared for me. How He loved to examine every detail of my face, see the lines around my eyes when I smiled. Count every precious hair on my head. Double over in pain when I cried. Rise up with fierce loyalty when someone hurt me. Hold me close as I grieved. Sit beside my bed and watch me sleep … lean in close to hear little breaths, kiss the top of my head. Walk with me through every moment of my life. Be there when I locked my keys in my car. When my child wouldn’t stop crying. When my husband made me angry. When I danced around the kitchen with my family. In the good and bad. HE was there. Always watching, always listening, always loving, always protecting. Guiding. Loving, loving … loving, unconditionally.

The blessing of my first child was so much more than I knew it would be. The gift of new life, in my arms, a blessing from my Lord. He probably smiled when I had my epiphany … ‘If I love her this much, how much must He love me?’

Mommy and her three A's <3
Mommy and her three A’s ❤

Mothers Day reminds me of these things .. I am the mother of three beautiful gifts from above, and the love I have for them pales next to the deep and endless love of my Savior. If He is with me, no one can stand against me. In the everyday … the trenches of motherhood. The thankless, the mundane, the repetitive every day of motherhood. I choose to remind myself of that epiphany … He blessed me with my children because He loves me, and wanted that love to be exemplified in my life.

What I didn't know seven years ago was how amazing this journey was going to be.
How much I would learn.
How deep the love I had for my children would be.
How deep the love of my Savior is for me …. I didn't know.


About Margaret:
Margaret is a military wife to Peter for the last 12.5 years. A mother of three amazing daughters who make her life very full and exciting! In her spare time she loves a good rom-com or novel with a hot cup of tea. She consumes more kettle corn then is probably necessary. Margaret and her family live in Ottawa and love exploring their beautiful city.



  1. I knew Margaret loved writing, but I didn’t know she was capable of so poetically getting one to sit on the edge of their seat while awaiting for the next words. She has such skill. Wow! Mandy, I am so glad she was able to guest write for you ladies, how amazing in deed.


  2. Just so enjoyed every word
    Inspiring me to also write

    This afternoon is time to prepare
    Will it lead into the night

    As tomorrow morning just around ten
    It’s time for writer’s club once again

    Margaret I hung on every word
    Mee so glad you were led to share

    Here’s hoping we’ll meet again someday …Love Jean


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