Written by: Tara Fraser

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

Crying….what time is it? Every morning I roll over when I hear my youngest ( who is almost 8 months old) crying. “Please Lord, let it be at least 5 am”…some days it’s 5 am, but most days it’s 4:30 am. I fling back the covers and go to pick up my little sweet Bella before she wakes the other 3 children. Her wide eyes tell me, she’s not going back to sleep….and so my day starts… As I bounce my wee one on my lap while trying to have my ‘quiet’ time with Jesus and read my bible and sip at my coffee, it’s a juggling act. God is always faithful and I do get refreshed! But once my bible is closed, and the other children wake up, I must admit I do struggle with thoughts. My mental checklist runs wild! Ok- breakfast for the kids, breakfast for me, my husband, prepare Noah’s lunch for school, prepare my lunch for work, feed the dog, make sure the kids brush their teeth, make sure I brush my teeth, prep something for supper, put baby down for nap, sit for 5 minutes…and off to work I go.

Once at work, a new checklist starts…..

Fast forward to home time. It’s now 4:30 pm. I walk in the door most evenings at 4:45. Turn on the oven, time to get supper ready. I pause for a few minutes to ask the kids how they are and give hugs and kisses. Most evenings I hear the all to familiar question over and over and over…”is supper ready yet? I’m hungry. Is it ready noooowwwww??? Will supper be ready soon mom because I’m STARVING!” My stress level starts to rise. Don’t these children know that I’ve been going non stop since 4:30 am? Deep breath. Of course not Tara. They’re all under the age of 6. Of course they don’t get it. My patience is starting to wane by this point. Once supper is finished the checklist starts again…. bath time is underway, bed time routines start. Rock baby to sleep, get bedtime snack for the others, go back upstairs to rock baby who wakes up a half hour after she falls asleep EVERY night, back downstairs to get pi’s on the 3 oldest, up to bed they go!

As the house sits quiet for the first time since 4:30 am, I can sometimes start to allow some stinking thinking in. “I didn’t do enough with my children today. I didn’t have enough time with them. The time I had, I spent too much of it being frustrated. What kind of a mom am I anyway?”

But then….

God whispers “You are enough”. He reminds me of the small moments during the day that really count with my children. The 10 minutes during their breakfast that we do memory verses, the kisses and hugs before leaving for work and when getting home from work, the giggles we share before bed when we all snuggle in mine and Dave’s bed and sing ‘Jesus loves me’. God reminds me of the prayers I pray as a mom. He reminds me that EVEN when I’m not enough, HE IS. Where I am lacking, He provides.

I want to encourage every mom reading this post today: YOU ARE ENOUGH. You might mess up and have mom fail days. We all do!! But God is enough. Let Him fill you daily. Trust that He is doing a good work in you. He is developing you as a mom, teaching you, guiding you. You need only listen to His voice and rely on Him daily to give you the grace you need. Don’t focus on all that you feel you’re not doing as a mom, focus on all that you DO as a mom. Breath in the little moments…it’s those little moments that sometimes matter the very most!


About Tara:
Tara is a daughter of God! Second most important thing- Tara is a wife and a mom. Tara and Dave have been married 9 years and together they have 4 precious children and another one on the way. She’s REAL- She has faults and weaknesses- so many of them- BUT she knows that she know that she knows- that God loves her. It’s Tara’s #1 desire to fall more in love with Jesus everyday and walk out the plan He has for her life. The most important ministry she has right now is to serve and love her husband and children.


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