{Ministry Mom} Balancing Ministry and Family.

Written by: Mandy Hill

There was a time in our lives when all my husband and I did was long for time to spend together. A date night was a dream in a distant far-away land with our never-ending list of ministry jobs. This longing began when we first dipped our feet into the life of ministry as a newly married couple. We soon learned a valuable lesson:

Ministry isn’t all about doing, doing, doing; it’s simply about being.


Friend, before you completely exhaust yourself in ministry (or in church leadership) let me just say that you can do, and do and do some more; and still DISplease people. Don’t exhaust all your efforts in doing things. Rather, BE a friend who shows love when someone is feeling unloved. BE an encouragement to someone who is feeling discouraged. BE a vessel who points to Jesus in an effort to take someone’s eyes off a situation that is all-consuming. BE a friend who shares real life, when someone is feeling alone in their circumstances. BE the cook to the family that just lost a loved one. BE the ear on the other end of the phone when someone needs to share their heart. This is ministry.

It is also important to remember who called you to ministry and for what purpose. God didn’t place you in ministry to glorify yourself or your abilities- it’s not YOUR ministry; it has and always will be His. Rather, He called you to ministry to be His hands and feet in bringing Himself the glory and honour that He so deserves. Don’t focus so much on being the next-big-thing; instead, focus on being a lighthouse who draws others to Jesus by the light that burns within your heart.

Finally, don’t sacrifice your family for ministry. If God has blessed you with a husband and children, make them your first priority. God will bless you in this, I assure you. A few years ago my husband and I began scheduling a weekly Date Night and a weekly Family Night. Our marriage and our family has grown and connected in beautiful ways since we took this step in prioritizing each other, consistently. In turn, our ministry opportunities have been so much richer and fuller because we can give and share out of our abundance of joy and love, as opposed to digging deep in our troves of fatigue and unfulfillment.

Are you having trouble finding balance with ministry and family? Pray and ask God to help you find the balance that will best enable you to minister to His people. I would be honoured to pray for you as well if you would like the extra prayer support. Feel free to email me at:


Jesus, thank You. Thank You for entrusting us with Your grace and goodness- may we never lose sight of its incredible value and the sacrifice it took for us to have it. Please open our eyes to ministry the way You designed it. Please help us to keep You the sole focus of all our endeavours. I ask this in Jesus name; amen.


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