{Girls Edition} The reason I know…..

Written by: Megan Kincheloe

Megan Kincheloe
Megan Kincheloe

Hello sweet gals. I am beyond excited to be here with you!! I wanted to start our time together sharing with you why I believe I am being obedient in joining We Are His Daughters as the weekly ‘Girls Edition’ writer. As Mandy mentioned in her announcement, I have two young children. I have not raised teen/tween girls at this point in my life so you may wonder, “What does she know?” Here is my response…

I know that God has given me a burning desire to be here for you each week discussing the hard, hard things you face on a daily basis.

I know my heart aches when I think of the struggles you go through.

I know some of you have no one you trust to talk to about these struggles.

I know some of you feel God could not possibly care about what you are battling.

I know some of you wish just ONE person understood.

I know some of you have not experienced many struggles but want to do your best to encourage your friends who have.

I know some of you are super happy with your life now and maybe could just use some extra encouragement here and there.

I know each of you are cherished and treasured princesses of the King and I desperately want you to see that value in yourself.

I want to speak life to you ladies…no matter which one of these, if any, applies to you.

You know what else? I used to be a teen. And while I will never pretend to know your struggles…because they are yours…I will tell you I have been on both sides of the fence on many issues.

I have been the topic of gossip and I have been a gossiper.

I have been lied to and I have been a liar.

I have been manipulated and I have been a manipulator.

I have been hurt and I have hurt.

I have been bullied and I have been a bully.

I have had a spirit of strife, idolatry, anger, envy, jealousy, lust and pride.

And girls…I’d be lying if I told you all of these things occurred only in my teenage years.

Through this journey, I learned about grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I wasn’t ready to accept them for a long time though. I want to teach you about living in the freedom of grace and encourage you in showing this grace to others.

Hold tight sweet sisters. Thank you for allowing me to begin this journey with you.




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