Speaker: Mandy Hill


Mandy is passionate about studying God’s word and sharing from the lessons God is revealing to her through her life’s experiences. She also has a burning desire to see women of faith rise up and walk in their callings with boldness and confidence. She is a pastor’s wife and mother of four, who speaks about the hope that her faith in Jesus Christ has brought her during so many unexpected life circumstances. Mandy’s passion to draw women closer to Jesus coupled with her hilarious wit, creates an atmosphere that engages her audience leaving them encouraged to press on in their walk of faith.

A taste of some of the messages Mandy could bring to your event:

Serving in Ministry: A Pastor’s Wife’s Perspective.
Being in ministry creates a unique dynamic for the married couple. Often times when a spouse is in full-time ministry the non-ministry spouse is left feeling overlooked and under-appreciated; regardless of the endless hours of time and energy they pour into being a ministry partner. Mandy will share how she overcame the tempting urge to feel sorry for herself and rise above as a unique and confident woman in ministry.

Keeping Faith While Caring for a Critically Ill Child: My Testimony.
Mandy’s testimony is sure to grow your faith by leaps and bounds. After struggling with infertility for years before conceiving their first son, Mandy and her husband Nathan thought they had reached the end of their struggling to have a family. However, what they did not know was that over the next several years they would have three premature babies (two with ongoing medical issues), two miscarriages and they would also endure the pain of watching their child knock on deaths door. God has been so faithful to Mandy through every unforeseen circumstance and you do not want to miss hearing the amazing ways in which He has provided for her every single time.

Balancing Life: Finding peace in the roles of Wife, Mother and …everything else.
A few years ago, Mandy and her husband Nathan had reached a point in their marriage where it felt like they had become completely disconnected. After surrendering their marriage to Him, God gave them a solution to maintaining a balance within their very busy schedules. Mandy loves to share of the incredible way that God took what looked like the end, and with it, created a beautiful beginning.

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