Speaker: Cindy Morrone


Cindy, an encourager by heart, loves to tell a story. Founded in Biblical truth, she speaks with such realness and transparency that more than a story is told; her faith in Jesus Christ is revealed. Cindy is inspired to share her faith with others! She realizes how hope is found in God’s promises in the everyday frustrations to tragic life events and losses and can’t keep quiet about it!

When not on the front porch swing beside her husband of 20 some years, she can be found being a Mama to her precious, twin daughters. Active in her church, she has a God-given passion for youth. As the director of Sisterhood Sunday’s, hearing how God remains faithful in these beloved women’s lives reaffirms that we are never alone!

Just a few samples of the messages Cindy could bring to your event:

Seeds of Hope—A Story of a family created by Adoption! Bareness didn’t have the final say! Cindy shares the miraculous happening of a family created by adoption! You won’t want to miss this story; healing and hope are offered!

In the thick of it! This hilarious talk is great for any event celebrating Mothers and parenting. Cindy shares the anecdotes of the everyday in parenting and how God shows up in even the craziest moments if we just ask Him too.

In the desert– Cindy and her family have experienced the driest of times; so dry that all that could be seen, was wasteland. This story doesn’t end in the desert though, as Cindy shares how God provided in abundance!

Not just surviving servant hood but soaring! Do you feel burdened by your God -life callings? Did you say yes to God but then things did not turn out as you expected? Can you be a wife, mother, and lay leader? Cindy shares her experiences and what God has taught her as she continues to live a life of servant hood.

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