{Girl Edition} To Worry or Not to Worry…

Written by: Megan Kincheloe


The other day I was plagued with worry over a situation. The worry consumed me and continuous scary thoughts broke through even the best attempt at distracting myself. I tried to read a book…that did not work. I tried to watch television…that did not work. I tried to busy myself around the house…that did not work. The worry was not only taking up way too much space in my brain, it was also causing me physical issues as my heart raced and the butterflies in my stomach started to feel more like angry bats trying to find a way out. I was walking past the living room and finally spotted my Bible. I started to read along where I was and then decided to look up verses on peace. Did you know there are 362 references to ‘peace’ in the Bible? Thank goodness because at this rate I was going to need all 362 of them! It was in this moment that my Spirit stirred and the Truth smacked me right in the face. The first Truth was a question presented to me so clearly that it almost seemed audible…

What are you accomplishing by worrying? Matthew 6:34 states, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (NIV) Oh how I wish I would easily heed that instruction. Ladies, I wish I could number the times I have worried about something in my life that has NEVER EVEN come to pass. Ok, I take that back. I would be embarrassed to admit how many times this has happened. I can take a situation and make it so big in my head and get to a place where I have created an entire scenario that resembles either a circus or a horror movie…and when the time comes…whatever takes place looks nothing like it did in my head and more often than not…it isn’t anywhere close to being as bad…
Whew…just telling you about it wears me out.

I have to wonder how God feels when we spin our wheels worrying about something that we absolutely have no control over. Even worse, we worry about things that our Heavenly Father has already overcome! Here’s the thing. We are going to have trials and trouble in this world. We receive a very clear forewarning on this in John 16:33. Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (NIV)

Jesus does not say, “You might have trouble.” He also doesn’t say, “Just in case you have trouble.” He says, “You will have trouble.” But ladies, worrying about this trouble and worrying about anything for that matter…STEALS. YOUR. JOY. Place your trust in Him sweet gals and know that whatever trouble comes your way, He has already been there and He has equipped you to be able to face it head on. Trust Him to be who He is. Your Creator. Your Healer. Your Savior. Your Redeemer. Your Vindicator. Your Provider. Your Rock.


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