{Ministry Mom} A No-Good, Very-Bad Day.

Written by: Mandy Hill

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.Psalm 36:7

Have you ever had a day when after just a few minutes of being awake….you feel it would suit you better to crawl yourself right back into bed? And stay there?

Earlier this week my baby was having some respiratory issues that put him in the hospital overnight. The natural anxieties and stresses of having a loved one in the hospital began to pick away at my heart’s peace and cause me to feel run-down and weary. You know what satan loves?

A weary Mama.

The remainder of the week has been full of catching up on laundry, dishes and the like. My baby needs extra care, I have a toddler that I literally can not blink around or he’s into mischief and my two older loves have so many social commitments I feel like it might be a good idea to pack a sleeping bag and a pillow into the van for the amount of time I spend in it chauffeuring them around.

Well, today that all came to a head.


In my exhausted state I started my morning off with Jesus and coffee. We were running a little late so we rushed ourselves out the door, running into a detour along our already-late route to the church where my two older kiddos would be attending a VBS. There was one, only one, spot left in the church parking lot, which we took. Should I mention it required we jump into a puddle about a foot deep covering the entire parking space. Nothing says happy Thursday more than a pair of muddy, soggy flats. We carried on to visit a friend who lived nearby the church for a play date with her little boy. Our visits are always lovely, but this one included lots of three-year-old tantrums and ended with said three-year-old giving himself a fat lip. We returned to the church to pick up our kiddos and it is there that my three-year-old not only threw the tantrum-of-the-day, but crawled all over my friend in an attempt to open the beautifully stained glass window behind her. When I finally had my toddler settled, the children’s pastor began to pray a concluding prayer for the day at VBS. In all the quietness my baby decided this was the best time to put every effort into having a number two. Vocals and all.

And that was just the morning!

It’s on days like this when I start doubting I have what it takes to be a good Mama to my beautiful babes. I slowly start to morph into someone I don’t want to be. A cranky mama with tears of defeat.

Have you ever had one of those days?!

Tonight, after my children were bathed and tucked into bed I thought I would get some reading and writing done. I was incredibly exhausted and felt The Lord nudging me to give this time over to Him. To just take refuge in the shadow of His wings, because His love was/is enough to steady my heart.

As I shut the door of my bedroom and began to pray, the Lord met me right then and there. His beautiful presence flooded my weary soul and He began to satisfy my heart with his priceless and unfailing love.

I felt him nudge me again to pray for those very people in my life that perhaps played lead roles in my upset. To really pour my heart into blessing them with prayer, no matter how my heart felt. To pray blessings over their lives and to let them bring out the best in me, not the worst.

To you who are ready for the truth, I say this: Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer for that person.” (Luke 6:28)

As I prayed blessings into the lives of those who I felt had contributed to my bad day, I felt like God picked me up and removed me from the shadows of my doubt, and placed me safely and securely in the shadow of His wings. How beautiful is that?

I started the evening feeling worn down, defeated and so weary. I ended the night with renewed strength and bright hope for tomorrow.

Sister, don’t let a bad day carry on. Stop. Devote some time to our incredible God and allow him to pick you up from the shadows of your doubt and place you in the shadows of His wings. He is just waiting for you to ask! Will you allow Him to renew your strength today?!

Thank You God for Your promptings and Your priceless, unfailing love. Thank You God that You would not allow me to wallow in pity from a terrible day, but that You would lead me to a place in You where I can take refuge from the storms of life. Thank You for my children and the blessings that they are to me. Thank You for a wonderful husband that works alongside me to raise these blessings. I pray for my sisters who are too, experiencing those ‘bad days’ like I talked about. Please flood their souls with Your presence and quench their thirst with Your love. Thank You so much God, in Your name, Amen.


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  1. Mandy, thank you for being real and exposing yourself to others. I am so glad I can go to the Lord to be refreshed.


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