{Girl Edition} This is an Emergency Broadcast…

Written By: Megan Kincheloe


I was driving down the road singing loudly to Natalie Grant’s “I Will Not Be Moved,” when suddenly that unmistakable, loud, obnoxious, annoying, teeth-clinching noise came on. You know…the one that is almost always followed by a serious sounding man who states, “This was a test…only a test.” I am not sure what it is about this sound but it sends chills up my spine every time and causes me to squint my eyes and cover my ears. The one on the television is even worse! SOOO shrill. Here’s the thing…these noises have to be loud and lengthy in order to get our attention. Suddenly I started thinking of the other noises that vie for our attention. Let’s talk alarm clocks. For. The. Love! I have tried everything to make that sound more pleasant. Quieting the beeping did not work so the lesser of those two evils finally won. I wake to someone singing to me every morning. Here’s hoping the song is a pleasant one because it is guaranteed to blare in my head all day long.
I began to ponder how loudly God has had to be on several occasions to get my attention. Seriously ya’ll, I used to often say, “I wish God would just write me a letter and tell me what is coming or tell me which choice to make.” In reality, He had probably already penned a novel just trying to get me to listen.

Firstly, God has repeatedly tried to get my attention through interruptions and detours. I am guessing there are times when you have become frustrated because the plans you had changed at the last minute. Sometimes this looks like a friend backing out on you and other times the obstacle comes in the form of weather, a traffic back-up, or an illness. In these moments, we can choose to slam our fists down in frustration or we can choose a different perspective. Ask God in these times, “God, what are you protecting me from? What are you trying to show me?” Proverbs 19:21 tells us, “ ” (NIV) Maybe your plans were way off mark from what God intended for you in that moment and you just need to step back and allow Him to show you the next step in His plan for you…

Other times, God has gotten my attention through a stirring in my heart that lasted ALL livelong day. And if you could have held a microphone to my heart…I can promise the pounding would have been super loud. When I was living a life of sin and partying, the Holy Spirit would convict me the next day in a way that was so extremely uncomfortable. I kind of chuckle when I think of how many times He tried to lead me down the right path prior to this type of conviction and He just wasn’t loud enough…or was I just completely tuned out? If I am being honest, it was probably the latter.

The point is girls, we need to make a habit of keeping our eyes focused on Jesus. Colossians 3:2 states, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” (NIV) If we make a habit of doing our best to live a life of righteousness and stop being so distracted by the things of this world, maybe God won’t have to speak so loudly to get our attention.

My word for the year was ‘focus.’ I actually had to buy a bracelet that says ‘focus’ in order to remind myself to do this daily. Distraction can get the best of us ladies and in those moments, when you don’t believe you are hearing from God at all…step back…take a breath…close your eyes…and whisper, “Jesus.” Don’t make Him cut through the noise and clamor to get your attention…find Him in the quiet places. He is there…just waiting for you to invite Him in.


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