{Conversations with Cindy} The Road.

Written by:​ Cindy Morrone

It is a road, typical of any road in this county. It is covered in pavement with a ditch on each side, lined with changing fields depending on the season. This time it is surrounded by corn, and soybeans just starting to make their appearance. There are a few houses dotting the landscape; some new, many not-so-new and one a converted school house. At the end of the lane is a green, tractor with shiny, tall silos invading the background.

It ends abruptly and one needs to take either the right or left turn cautiously as there is room for only one over the narrow bridge. It wasn’t always paved, but gravel and the sound of flinging loose stones against the car was remembered.

Before…, this road brought with it haunting memories of years ago. It was like the road itself held suppressed remembrances, so this way was always avoided. I didn’t travel on it for so long; not wanting to ever go that way again; never wanting to re-live that night.

Before…, this road represented the night my family was torn apart by alcoholism and we raced down it to escape the terror. This road led to separation, fear and the unknown. It marked the end of reconciliation and would forever steal away a little girl’s need to have security in her father’s arms.

Until…, one day, driving down this same way with my precious ones in tow; a revelation occurred! In that moment, I realized where I was and saw that path very differently. It was no longer what it had once represented; that had all changed for me. The hint of what was, no longer haunted me but had instead weaved itself into the very fabric of my life story. The conversion was unbelievable had I not experienced it myself!

My journey with Jesus has changed it all for me! He took the voids, the pains, the hurts, the fears, the insecurities of this past and transformed them as a way to be filled, healed, secure and ever most importantly loved with a love that surpasses! Then He redeemed some more, and offered a way to forgive setting me free so love and forgiveness could be giving freely!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.John 8:36

I had a conversation with a dear saint just recently, who was so amazed by someone’s testimony. She said she never would have guessed what that person had been through, only knowing them after they meet Jesus. I couldn’t agree with her more. Once you meet with Jesus everything changes!

Everyone has a story to tell and although our stories may be different; this one thing remains, that God is faithful. He is always there, waiting, calling, wanting our worst and ugliest moments to turn them for His glory and our abundant living!


One comment

  1. Oh, Cindy! How beautifully written — “before” and “until” says it all. Thank You, Jesus, for redeeming all of our “befores”. I love you, my friend.


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