{Ministry Week} “Hope Floats”

Written by: Jade Kenyamanyara

Have you ever watched the movie, “Hope Floats”? It’s a great chic flick with Sandra Bullock – a classic –(go watch it) but that isn’t what this blog is about. I just stole the title – because it’s true. Hope does float. I love that concept and imagery. Hope is contagious. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to spread some hope. And you and I have the power to spread hope into the environment around us – whatever it looks like.


I never ever thought I would be a missionary. You know how some people have that dream and calling from a young age or have always wanted to? – Not me. Not because of any other reason than I just didn’t think about it. It wasn’t on my radar until God put it there. God took me on a journey and my passion and love for mission work, specifically in Africa grew until it was my life. God has an amazing way of showing you His purpose for your life as you follow Him. God even wrapped His call to missions on my life together with whom He had me marry and I couldn’t have written a better love story if I’d tried. My husband is Kenyan and has a calling to reach out to and serve fellow Africans. We started our married life together in Canada but we didn’t last there long before we were getting our feet wet in missions in Tanzania. We worked with a local church for two years in Dar es Salaam mostly serving and reaching out to young people. God was preparing us for what we didn’t even know was coming. As we were finishing our term in Dar es Salaam and were trying to figure out what God wanted us to do next He opened a door for us to serve as Directors at Village of Hope in Mwanza, Tanzania – being part of giving hope to vulnerable children every day.


We see it as such a privilege to be back in Tanzania serving with Village of Hope. We both love young people and we really feel called to be part of reaching the next generation in Africa for Jesus. We believe God can and will use the young people of Africa to change nations for Him. Many of the children we work with come from incredibly challenging backgrounds; orphaned, abandoned, mistreated, abused – but God has a plan for each one of their lives and we believe He will use these beautiful kids for His amazing purposes.

The sky is truly the limit for the incredible things we believe God could do through Village of Hope here in Tanzania. We currently support (house, clothe, feed and educate) nearly 90 vulnerable children at VOH Mwanza. We have several projects on the go – expansions to our housing and school facilities, plans for a new school on a different site, water and feeding programs for the community and a farm with loads of potential for helping provide for the Village’s needs as well as the needs of the surrounding community. We know that God can change whole communities through children. You can check out more of what Village of Hope is all about here: http://www.vohafrica.com. For more about us personally and how we are a part of serving Village of Hope – Mwanza you can check out our Global Worker Profile on the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada website: https://paoc.org/donate/JuliusKenyamanyara.

I believe in hope. I believe there is power in giving hope to someone else. Jesus is our hope and when we share that with others – it changes the world, one person at a time. No matter where God has called you – you are an agent of hope. Want to change the world? Spread some of that hope you carry inside of you around and see what God will do in and through you.


About Jade:
Jade was born and raised in Canada and has always been involved in church ministry as her parents are pastors and church planters. She studied in Kenya where she met her husband. They spent a few years in Canada ministering in youth and children’s ministry before returning to Africa as Global Workers with the PAOC. Jade currently lives in Mwanza, Tanzania with her husband, Julius and her two boys, Ezra (4) and Gabriel (1). Julius and Jade serve as Director and Administrator for Village of Hope – Mwanza where they are a part of bringing hope to nearly 90 vulnerable children each day.


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  1. I have been wondering if I could relocate someone I went to school with at the Lutheran Deaconess Center in Baltimore, MD. Her name was Grace Philemon and she would be in her 70’s. She had a boy friend going to seminary in the states (maybe in Philadelphia). He was Mathew Mamuya (? On spelling). They were from Tanzania. She taught me to sing songs in Swahili. One is about Kilimanjaro. I can still sing it. I really don’t expect to be able to find her. My maiden name was Schnur. Both Grace and Matthew spent time in my home and knew my parents.I am now 74 yr old.


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