{Ministry Week} A Place of Belonging.

Written by: Sarah Travis

Have you ever felt I like you don’t fit in even when you’re surrounded by people with the same name as you?
Have you ever felt like you were not seen or heard even though you speak to people all day long?
Have you ever felt misunderstood as you strive to understand your place in the world?

Two days after Jason and I got engaged I was a board a plane back to Scotland where I would spend the next nine months awaiting my Fiancée VISA before moving to the U.S. With my heart torn between life in Scotland and my forthcoming life in the US, the feelings of being lost and confused began to surface. Having made the decision to leave, I felt like my church and friends in Scotland already perceived me as one who had left. I began to feel abandoned by those who had been close for so many years. However I didn’t yet have a life or friends in the State of America that I would soon call home. I felt in limbo.

My Bible became my guidebook through this journey. I sought the Lord’s Words of Truth as I struggled with packing all my treasures into suitcases; as I tried to juggle “living” in two different time zones; as I drew impatient in the waiting. I sought the Truth in God’s Word as In times where I felt like I didn’t belong, I sought a comfort in the Truth that I will always have a place in the arms of the Lord {Psalm 46:1}.

My ministry was birthed shortly after arriving in the U.S. I recognized the feelings I had and the journey I had been on {and am still on} resemble that of any Christian in this world. Who can’t relate to the feeling of longing? Who can say they have never felt like they don’t belong or like an alien? Who cannot relate to feeling lost and alone…even if they have never even moved across the street?

As Christians in this world we will face trials and tribulations {John 16:33}. We will face persecution. Jesus Christ himself was rejected by His own and persecuted for His faith {John 15:20}.

During my time of feeling alone the Lord drew me to Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies {OBS}. The ministry of OBS brought me hope. They strive to offer real hope, for real life and that is indeed what they brought to me. Shortly after joining a Facebook small group with OBS I was called to give back. My heart aches for the hundreds of women just like me who have no church home or network of friends surrounding them to meet with, for those who are just trying to find their way in this world as a Christian.

Last summer I was called to serve on the Teaching Team with OBS. My heart’s desire is to not only walk alongside others…it is to point them to the Truth.

The Bible Study Skills team strives to equip women to discover the Truth in Scripture for themselves. We not only want to speak Truth into their lives through the blog posts, we want to enable our cherished friends to discover these Truths for themselves. We long for these women to reach out to the Lord when they see no other way. OBS became a lifeline for me to rediscover my belonging in Christ and hope, and my heart’s desire is to enable other women to discover that same hope.

I am also writing a book which is a journey from the longing the Lord places in your heart for eternity {Ecclesiastes 3:11} all the way through life as a Christian and ending with your citizenship in heaven {Ephesians 2:19}. It is intermingled with biblical teaching and points for digging deeper, and is paralleled by my journey through immigration.

The Lord takes everyone on every journey for a purpose. I believe the purpose of the lessons I learned through immigration is to lead others to the TRUTH and HOPE in their longing for belonging.

It is difficult to share the passion and true heart feelings in words written on a page: therefore, I have also started speaking to church groups, ministry groups; anywhere the Lord leads me to share my story in order to bring hope and comfort to those who are seeking to belong in this world, but feel lost and alone.

The ministry the Lord has placed on my heart is to point women to the truth of God’s Word and to help them see the Bible as their guidebook through life as a Christian, and find purpose on their journey to eternity.

I invite you to join me on my blog and also to get in touch if this is a message you would like to bring to your church/group.


About Sarah:
Scottish born and bread, Sarah immigrated to the U.S. in 2012 to marry her American dream boy! Together, they now live and work in the D.C. area and love laughter, dreaming by the ocean, hiking in the mountains, listening to worship music, and taking road-trips!
Sarah struggled through her early twenties failing to see God’s love, allowing hurt to shape and direct her paths. Having been rescued and redeemed by God’s grace and mercy, she is now passionate about sharing the Truth of God’s Word with the world. She has a desire to help women study God’s Word in a way that will transform them allowing them to live a life of freedom.

Connect with Sarah:
Blog: http://www.sarahtravis.org/
Twitter/Instagram: @srhtrvs12
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SarahLouiseTravis



  1. Sarah: Thank you for your words. They resonate. We didn’t move across the world, but two years ago, ministry took us from one side of the DFW area to another, when my husband was given an opportunity to serve in a new church. We left our beloved church of 11 years, and the friends and school we’d grown to cherish during that time, and it was hard. I felt, and still often do feel, lost. Because ministry looks different here. And I’m trying to discern how God wants to use my gifts and graces in this new place. All that to say, She Speaks was transforming. And I can see how God has used my 2-year stay in “limbo” to do a mighty work in my heart and soul. Thank you for speaking up for those who are feeling lost. They need to hear His voice through you. Many blessings!


    • Jennifer, how awesome to hear that She Speaks was transforming for someone else! I’ve been two years now expectant to hear from the Lord and He has spoken in unexpected ways and beyond my imagination! He is using you mightily and in ways you are not even aware in your new place 🙂 Blessing to you!


  2. I love your testimony, Sarah! And love your teaching on P31 OBS. I’ve been in their Bible studies for about 1.5 years. 🙂 In the last year, when I found out about you and that you were living so far from home (where you grew up), you were in my thoughts and prayers. I prayed for you to find places in your area that remind you of your homeland where your roots are. But then again, you are rooted in Christ and that’s what matters. May the Lord work mightily through your in your book -writing. Blessings galore!
    Amber Paulsen


    • Thank you Amber! I’m glad you love OBS 🙂 I’m so thankful Melissa followed her heart and God calling to start the ministry! Thank you so much for your prayers ❤ I have definitely felt prayed for over the years and it is a sweet blessing to hear how someone you don't even know has been praying for you! Blessing to you today Amber!


  3. I absolutely love Sarah’s story. Our hearts connected through Proverbs 31, and how grateful I am. The Lord has given me the privilege of watching her journey over the last few years, and it has been AMAZING. Her love for God and His Word and her heart of obedience to follow wherever He leads is evident to all her know her. I’m so thankful you shared her story here, and I pray it will encourage many women. We at Proverbs 31 OBS are so very blessed to have you gifts, talents, passion and enthusiasm.

    Love you, Sarah,



  4. I want to thank Mandy for inviting me to share my story and heart for the ministry the Lord has laid before me. We never know how God is going to use our story and it is such a blessing to see how He can work through the trials and journey of your life in order to shape a testimony that can be used for His Kingdom and glory! It’s an honor to be in His service and I pray that I can continue to share my story with those He puts in my path 🙂
    Love, Sarah ❤


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