{Fall Fresh Series} Lanissa’s Story.

Written by: Lanissa Reale


It was my Junior year of College and I was ready for some newness in my life. I knew the Lord was asking me to move into a new season, but thinking it was going to be a piece of cake was surely my downfall. I transferred to Southeastern University back in my home town, I started an internship with a mega church in Jacksonville FL, started a new job & even lived with a new family. But I was SURE I would be fine, and I was certain that I would succeed quickly. I loved the Lord, I knew my strengths and I was confident that this was where the Lord had placed me. So it should be easy right?!

Alas, it didn’t take long to realize that the Lord had something much larger in store for my life in that season than simply “succeeding quickly”. I hit a low, low place. I was confused about why doing ‘ministry’ wasn’t coming so easily, I felt out of place, I felt like a failure…and my gracious, wisdom filled leaders knew it. You see I assumed that when you find what you’re supposed to do in life, your “calling”, that the road to living that calling would be an easy one. I mean after all, He equips the called right?! But very quickly I was approached by my leaders and mentors, and in love was told that I had some hard decisions to make… some that in the moment looked unfair, but looking back fit perfectly into the character of God.

You see we want things to come quickly. And it can be so easy to get to a place where we are living a life sought after mountain top moments, days of success and grand end results. We have a person inside, for me a woman inside, that we dream of becoming and we would LOVE to become…today (even next month wouldn’t hurt)! But the life that God intends for us to live, and the person He created us to be is so much more than we tend to consider. I had hit a low place, and a mentor of mine brought me in and told me something that absolutely changed my life. He said, “Lanissa, the life God has in store for you is a process. And He is more interested in the woman you become in that process that JUST the end results”.

Life is a process. And it is what we gain in the process that will sustain us when we reach the promise. I began to learn from that moment on that I had to let go of what I thought I knew was going to happen in my life, what my “plans” were & give it all to the Lord. I began to learn the next 2 years, after my mentor said those words, about truly serving others and about learning how to lead myself first so that in turn I could lead others well. The Lord has birthed something so strong in me about this process of life that He has chosen us to live. My dear friends, it is when we choose to invest in the process and not bypass it that we truly become the man and woman that we dream to be and so much more! Through the good, the bad, the confusing, the ugly and the painful seasons of the journey… we choose to invest. Invest in buying into what God is doing even when we can’t understand it. Investing by experiencing and embracing an intimate relationship with the Lord. Investing by learning how to celebrate the uniqueness God has given us as individuals. And investing by finding joy in in the midst of the journey!


Because the truth is… IT IS A FUN JOURNEY! And life, freedom, joy and growth all happen in the process when we choose to invest in it! And so through this season of my life the Lord gave me a passion for young women and their process God has called them to at this stage of their life. A process I like to call the “Becoming”. Becoming the woman that God created them to be, throughout the process.

We were all created to experience more. YOU were created to experience more. Experience fullness of life. And it’s when we realize that “fullness of life” happens in the in-between moments that we can begin to become all He intended us to be!


About Lanissa:

Lanissa Reale is a 20something (#feelin22), newly engaged, recent College Graduate! That’s right… all that in a matter of months! Thus, she knows the struggles and uniqueness that come within this “young woman” stage of life. Throughout teaching and mentoring ladies for 8+ years, Lanissa is passionate about celebrating and empowering the teen-20something young woman to get comfortable in their own skin and embrace the process that God has in store for their life! She went through the majority of her life trying to fit into the crowd around her, while having this dream of the actual woman she wanted to be hidden inside, and continued to struggle until she was 14 years old and committed her life to the Lord. After longing for Him her entire life, this new life in Christ had instantly fulfilled all of her desires, except for the one to “become” all she was created to be. That she would learn, was indeed a process. Lanissa is the founder of the Becoming Ministries Blog which is centered around celebrating and empowering young women to learn how to lead themselves to the Lord and embrace their own process of life. Join in on the Becoming journey!

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