{Turning Tragedy into Thanksgiving} Tracy’s Story.

Written by: Tracy Chatterton

I was so honored to be asked to write about my life experiences. Thinking about this I was overwhelmed by all my blessings. After thoughtful prayer, my husband and our marriage kept coming to mind. I have been married for almost 6 years now; a mother of two adult boys and I have a love for photography.

In 2003 my life changed drastically. I was hurt at work and from this point onward things spiralled downward. My then marriage broke and ended in divorce. Looking back I realize it was a blessing I received, but, I am not here to tell that story. I became a Christian through the journey of my injury, but again, not here to tell that story. The actual meeting of my husband is also a blessing, but I will save that for another time.

I begin my story in our early years of marriage.


Our marriage was new and we were just getting to know one another. We had left our previous church and I felt in my heart God was drawing me to the church I now attend. I tried other ones but this one just felt right (and yes I was alone in this decision). My husband did not want to go to church; he had some issues with the way some churches operate, for example; the music, or the style of service. I knew I was attending the church where I belong and knowing this was so comforting.

Making the decision to get plugged in – I joined a small group. I wanted to get to know people and get involved; and this church felt like home.

I attended my small group on my own aware that my husband had no intentions of going. He also had no intentions of attending church and he seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. Attending that small group was pivotal in the change my husband’s heart experienced. The members of my small group opened their hearts and arms to me and made me feel right at home. This was a difficult time for me as my husband and I were not one; we were not connecting.

I was going to church, attending bible study as well as small group all on my own. I had faith that he would turn around but of course I was impatient with the process. Months went by and we were still experiencing difficulties. I felt so alone.

One particular Sunday, someone from my church saw the pain in my face and asked me, “Are you okay?!” I broke down and shared the concerns I had regarding my husband. It was during this conversation that she shared with me how Stormie Omarten’s book “The Power of a Praying Wife” was changing her life. I purchased the book and study guide and ……WOW! It changed my life, too.

I had my small group lifting my husband and our marriage up in prayer. I just knew my husband was going to turn around. I finished reading the book and at the end you write out a prayer. I can honestly testify today that almost everything in that written prayer for my husband had come to fruition! I asked God to soften my husband’s heart, that he would come with me to church and attend my small group.


Yes, you guessed it! All of it came to pass. My husband is now not only attending, but, thriving in our church! We have both become members together as a couple, we greet together once-a-month, attend small group together, we help those who are in need, and he has even joined the children’s ministry as a volunteer!

Faith in God, love, hope and prayer were instrumental throughout the entire journey. The power of prayer IS enough. The bible says we are to pray without ceasing. One of my favourite verses is from Philippians 4:13 “For I can do ALL things, through Christ who gives me strength.” This verse is so fitting for my life. Without God, I would not have had the strength to ask my peers for prayer. By His mercy our marriage saved.

My husband and I are now happy and thriving in our church, totally in love with Christ (and each other)! All thanks be to God, Amen!!!
Never give up. Through prayer and petition, our God will answer your hearts desires.


About Tracy:

Tracy is a wife to Lawrence and Mom to two adult boys. She loves to read and walk. She is passionate about Jesus Christ, helping others and photography. Tracy is retired due to an injury she sustained several years ago. She loves to travel and says that her story is just beginning and that she has faith that God has an amazing journey in store for her life.


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