{Turning Tragedy into Thanksgiving} Connie’s story.

Written by: Connie Valdron

In 1994 I married my soulmate, Doug. We were both involved in children’s ministry and on Saturday mornings we would go visit children on the bus. Our love for children was very evident and we knew that we would like to one day soon start our own family.


After our first year of marriage, my Dr suggested I see a specialist. Many tests and visits later to the infertility clinic, I was told I had a liver condition and that I would not be able to take any of the drugs used for infertility. After two years of marriage, Doug and I were told that we were not able to conceive and were considered an ‘infertile couple’. I remember the day I heard this devastating news, it felt as though my life was crashing in and I cried out to The Lord. “Why me, I do everything right!! I am a good girl and I love the Lord. Most of all, I pour my life into ministry.”

In 1997 Doug had lost his job as Senior Engineer and God was now sending us to Ontario. More devastating news for the both of us, as we now had to leave our family and friends to start all over. We look back now and know without a shadow of a doubt that God’s hand was guiding us. In less then two months our home was sold, despite the slow market, and we purchased a new home in Ontario.

We had been given instructions from my Dr that once we arrived in Ontario, I needed to find a new Dr and give them my files. I remember finding a Dr and the first question I was asked was “are you pregnant?” And if you are I can not see you”. Very quickly I said No and informed the Dr of my diagnosis. The Dr sent me to see a liver specialist and have more tests done. Three months after moving to Ontario, I remember feeling tired and sick and just not myself. Over the previous four years I recalled doing over 50 pregnancy tests and really didn’t feel like doing another one.

Finally one morning, I decided I should take a test just in case – and sure enough that test was different than the others… It was positive. That day the Dr confirmed through blood work and an ultrasound that I was 8 weeks pregnant.

This was truly a miracle. In the months that lay ahead I faced many challenges as I had gallstones, excessive bleeding and preterm labour. Doug and I never gave up and continuously prayed for our miracle baby. Finally, on December 1, 1998 we welcomed Amelea Gemma into our world.

God is Faithful!

Desiring more children we prayed for another baby. Two and half years later we were pregnant again. At fourteen weeks I was rushed to the emergency room where I lost the baby. I admit, I struggled with this and the pain of losing my baby, especially when I was so far along. It was devastating. As I laid on the hospital bed crying I experience a peace that passes all understanding and I heard God saying “it will be ok, you will hold another baby again, my promises are true”. This is something that Doug and I held on to as we continued to serve the Lord.

In 2003, we found ourselves back in Halifax with our families resumed involvement in our church. Many nights Amelea would pray and ask for a baby sister and in 2005 her prayer was answered; we were having another baby. I remember telling her this and she said “God put a baby in your tummy.” At my 10 week ultrasound the Dr tells me that she could not find the heartbeat. I remember laying on the bed and I feeling numb… I thought why would God even let me get pregnant and then take this from me. I left the hospital that day and screamed as we walked to the car. For months after I had a lot of questions and would often remind the Lord about the promise he gave me all those years before about having another child.

One morning as I was reading my Bible I read Romans 5:3,4 … It was a moment I had with the Lord and I knew that in our suffering produces perseverance and perseverance produces character and character – hope. I wanted to have that hope in the Lord!


On May 23, 2007, God fulfilled His Promise to me and Claire Doreen was born. Claire is full of energy and brings so much life to our family. Many times we reflect back on this journey and know that God is Faithful, His timing is perfect. Engraved on the inside of our wedding bands is Roms 8:28 … For we know that all things work for good to those that Love The Lord. This is something that we have held onto throughout the years.

Amelea who is now in Grade twelve and Claire in Grade 3, are both are serving the Lord and share our Hope in our Heavenly Father. Doug and I have been happily married for twenty-one years now and are involved in our church, serving as Sunday School teachers and marriage mentors.


About Connie:

Connie is married to Doug and is the Mom of both Amelea and Claire. She is a preschool teacher at Tiny Treasures Nursery School in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. Connie has worked with children since she graduated from Eastern Pentecoatal Bible College in 1992. Connie’s love for children was obvious as she was involved in the children’s program at Faith Tabernacle in Halifax for five years and the Nursery Director at Kennedy Road Tabernacle in Brampton, On. for four years after that.


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