{Girl Edition} Just Breathe.

Written by: Megan Kincheloe

Each week I jot notes down in my phone as the Spirit speaks to me and as I try to decide what to share with you ladies on Thursdays. I have approximately ten topics or so waiting in the wings to be used and I add to them as He impresses on my heart. This week was strangely different. At first I thought I was experiencing writer’s block. For a writer with a deadline and a heart to encourage…THERE IS NOTHING WORSE.


After more pondering, however; I learned that was not what was happening. What was happening was that for once, my brain was not going a gazillion miles a minute. I did not have 100 ideas staring me in the face begging to be shared first. What I had was peace. I have intentionally been praying for focus and God was giving me just that. I was sure the first step in regaining my focus was to clear the clutter, eliminate a few appointments in my schedule, or even get more rest at night. Only there was something even more imminent than any of those things. I needed to learn to breathe again.

I had forgotten how to breathe. Have you ever noticed the benefits of a good, deep cleansing breath? There is nothing better. Go ahead, give it a try. Breathe in deeply and then slowly exhale. Now for the next bit of your day, I want you to pause every once in a while and take a good, deep breath. Here is what happened when I did…

I was able to take in the magnificent beauty of the creation around me. The fall leaves these past couple of weeks have been absolutely breathtaking…and I was missing them.

I was able to capture a few amazing sunsets and rising moons.

I was able to reach out to a friend who happened to desperately be needing prayer and provide her encouragement.

I was able to actually listen to the words of a song and became keenly aware of how the lyrics resonate with me, when before, I was simply singing loudly with not a clue what I was singing as my thoughts were a million different places.


I was able to see our son take his first steps and hear our daughter tell of a special part of her day because I was breathing and my head was not buried in my phone.

I was able to look a coworker in the eye and actually hear her story.

As the oxygen filled my brain…He began to fill my soul.

Job 33:4, “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” (NIV)
The breath of the almighty gives me life.

There is so much ugly in this world and I am SURROUNDED by beauty…and by blessings…and by love…and I was missing it…all of it. Because I had forgotten how to breathe.

Will you breathe with me today? When you do, share with me what you see, what you hear, and what He reveals. I would love to hear from you ❤️


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